Free Tarot Love Readings

90912002loveheartWhen we go for free tarot love readings we sense there is some truth to the cards’ enigmatic symbology. In fact, we yearn for “The Lovers” card, if we are looking for our soul mate, or to end the reading with “The Sun” the ultimate “Happy Ever After Card! In fact as we dial for free tarot love readings, we are virtually buzzing with expectation. We hope free tarot love readings will tell us something about our future soul mate, because we feel lonely and something hurts within our heart.

When we go for free tarot love readings we sort of ease our stress and its effects; such as gastric upsets, high blood pressure and headaches. Our worry might even be caused by all these “End of the World” scenarios, because as we go towards 2012, the fragile state of our planet seems scary indeed. We want to believe New Science has some answers and that the Quantum and String Theories, as well as some of the more esoteric healing systems, will help us feel better and improve life on this planet.

Pete Sanders

Researchers of the human brain, like the US pioneer Pete Sanders, are looking for solutions to modern day angst too. Pete has written a book about his innovative healing system and it is entitled “How to Access the Joy Centre”. He tells us that there is actually a joy centre in our brain, and we can magically transform our emotional world if we access it. Sanders is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate who tells us that “his healing technique is simple biofeedback!”

After a couple of free tarot love readings some of us already experience a sense of relief and the reading itself helped us re-evaluate some our possibilities. The psychic gave us more than an idea as to why our love life is such a struggle! Yet, even though the free tarot love card readings consistently tell us that our soul mate is coming, we tend not to believe them. We think that things will remain as they are, stuck and a struggle. Even though a reader predicted our friend Suzie’s amazing encounter with her twin flame recently, we just cannot believe this type of luck will ever come our way, no matter how many free tarot love readings we go for. That is where Sanders comes to the rescue! In the article written by Susan Jamison in Weekly World News she reports that Sanders tells us by accessing the joy centre in our brain we can eradicate anything holding us back. So does this mean that free tarot love readings can really predict the good is yet to come, even define all the positive outcomes we believe we can never have?

Scientists and Doctors

Sanders tells us, “Scientists and doctors have known for years that stimulating a specific area of the brain, we call it the joy centre, or the septum pellucidum, can have amazingly beneficial effects. It creates a mellow, energized feeling that is best described as an inner smile. The steps to activating the centre as follows

Close your eyes, sweep your fingers up and tap the forehead an inch or two below the hairline. Now imagine a little sparkle of light travelling two-thirds of the way into your brain from that spot. This area is the brain’s joy centre. Now, relax. Breathe slowly and deeply, as you do just before falling asleep. This will help your body eliminate stresses that interfere with biofeedback. Use visualization to travel to your joy centre. Picture a cool breeze or a stream flowing from that spot on your forehead into the septum pellucidum, the joy centre. Don’t concentrate too hard, just let your imagination move gently to the right place inside your head. Search for the strongest effect. You’re looking for that spot in your brain that, when touched by your imagination, delivers an Ahhhh” feeling, a sense of an inner smile. When you hit the joy centre, you’ll get a sense of relief and well-being. In your thoughts, vary the level of your imaginary probe. Fine-tune it until you locate the right area. “Stroke” your joy centre. Send pulses of energy into your brain. After a few pulses, you should feel relief from anxiety and frustration. You’ll feel peace and contentment.

This is a biofeedback process, Sanders tells us and you won’t be able to do it perfectly right at the beginning. Use the technique a few times every day and within weeks you’ll experience the joy and great love life you’ve always dreamed of.”

Is this really credible you may ask? “You mean just tapping your forehead and imaging a little sparkle of light can make the wayward boyfriend call? Oh come on, pull the other one!”

But seriously why not check it out? Why not try a couple of free tarot love readings to actually discover whether this method will help you heal all that stress! Oh, come on what have you got to lose?