How to Travel Into the Astral

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Psychics and Mystics project into the Astral Realms, or the invisible energy network that pervades all things. Some have an inborn gift; others have learnt to travel other dimensions through years of practice. But can the ordinary person also negotiate such unusual realities? Certainly, a spiritual perspective will enhance Astral projection. You see, the Astral is the closest invisible dimension to the physical. It permeates the world like a huge mind net, which the ancient Norsemen called “The Wyrd” and it catches and holds all thought forms. Its contents are the collective conscious and unconscious, plus the memories, dreams, fantasies, aspirations and obsessions of the universal mind, but also angelic thought forms and healing energies of that same mind.

Why would we want to travel into the Astral especially since the lower realms can be thick with thought forms pertaining to the past? The Lower Astral also contains expectations and the obsessions that torment us. Heavy, material thoughts are close to everyday consciousness, and only “seem” to have power over us. The higher we go through the Astral network, the closer we get to the etheric light realms, and a purer vision of reality. In the Higher Astral we defuse mistaken belief systems and create positive thinking processes that vibrate at a supersonic speed. These will heal us, as they manifest into our everyday lives. Our own aspirations move us up the ladder to the far reaches of the Astral, enhancing subtle and inspirational thoughts. Therefore, it is always wise to learn prayer and meditation to defuse the Lower Astral and detox our minds. Pranic breathing also helps us connect to the Higher Astral Planes.

The spiritual path 

The spiritual path is positive for an individual because it protects higher thinking and bypasses the lower manifestations of the Astral network, alleviating suffering and negative thought forms. In the higher reaches of the Astral we meet our guides and realize creative thoughts, learning to emanate a morphic field that attracts life events to us. We realize this, as we look at popular culture. Harry Potter, for example, has created a strong cultural morph, which is well established in the Astral, reflecting onto the material and pulling towards it a large audience and many fans. It is the same for an individual. The more an individual thinks creative, healing thoughts, the more they magnetize. It is the “intensity” of the thought form that draws the crowds in other words.

Astral projection

Astral projection is not for everyone. To explore invisible realms can be daunting so it is best to have a guide, sensitive or empath to help you through such an exercise. You would need to meditate for about three months prior to attempting Astral Projection and start to reassess your lifestyle and habits during that period.

Before you project into the invisible, ask yourself what it is you want to know and what is it you want to change. You might want to meet your guide for example, or transform a thought form that has been worrying you. You might want to manifest a new lifestyle, or gain a vision of a possible future. For a beginner, the Silva Mind Control method of Astral Projection is useful as it a simple system. However, before you undertake any such exercise you need to be relaxed. Remove all jewellery; lie in a darkened room with some soft relaxing music playing in the background and then just breathe deeply to relax your physical body.

Count down from three to one, and visualize the numbers one to three on a White ball of light floating in the air above your head. When you reach number one Know that you are deeply relaxed. Then focus on the Astral body that is a carbon copy of your physical presence, only it vibrates at a higher speed. Feel its presence and its energy merging with yours.

Now do the same numbers exercise again, but with each separate number. You visualize three number “threes” in balls of light about your head, then three number “twos”, then three number “ones”, again all in balls of light above your head. When you reach the “ones”, you find yourself detaching from your “physical body” and at that stage you might be shown visions, or landscapes in the Astral plane, have stunning insights, or meet your guide. Some people report experiences of disassociating from their physical bodies and seeing the silver cord that joins the Astral body to the physical body.

You can learn various systems of Astral Projection from a Psychic or Healer. Healing sessions like Reiki will also support your first Astral Projections. Try to be in the presence of a dear friend or a Healer as you practice. You can also buy CD relaxation tapes that will automatically take you on Astral journeys. However, it is your soul that inevitably issues you with your Astral passport and you will instinctively know whether you are suited to travel the invisible dimensions where you could be given unique insights and wise perceptions on life. To find out more about Astral travel we suggest you talk to an online Psychic or Spiritual Healer, as such an experience could transform you to the core. Happy journeying!