Et’s – Extraterrestrial Life

Jessica Biel believes in them! In fact that particular beauty has no idea why people are not far more into extraterrestrial life. But the latest news would give even the gorgeous Jessica food for thought. Gregory Brewer of the Sacramento UFO Examiner reported that “researchers are now discovering that some UFO probes might have the ability to send psychic messages directly to humans. These messages have been received by pilots and scientists that have managed to get close to the probes. They have also been received by thousands if not millions of other people just minding their business in the privacy of their own homes.”

Have you ever thought that while you are putting the kettle on for another cuppa, an ET from deep space could be communicating with your goldfish, or that a free online psychic reading might open up the gates to Encounters of the Third Kind? Certainly the empath carrying out your free online psychic reading is so super sensitive, she is probably able to download an ET’s perception of the folks on this planet! Some call this gift “channelling”, certainly it is metaphysical phenomena that can occur during a free online psychic reading Since the aforementioned researchers’ hypothesis is that aliens communicate across the etheric with the ultra sensitive, it is more than probable that the empath carrying out your free online psychic reading not only has messages about your boyfriend, but missives from the Planet Zog.

UFO sightings have increased in the last years. Incredible UFO footage was captured in broad day light between the Ural Mountains and Siberia in November 2009. Even Fox News reported a strange triangular formation of lights over Ireland this year, that particular incident even made it through to the tabloids. Additionally, in January two unknown objects were seen floating over the Big Apple, and a conference was recently held in London hosted by the world’s leading scientists to discuss the possible existence of aliens.

Michael Cohen for All News Web stated that “The observation of UFOs and mysterious lights in the sky prior to devastating earthquakes has been well documented by researchers”. This might have us feeling slightly uneasy but it is certainly fascinating to think that we might connect to “out of this world” beings when we go for that free online psychic reading. Certainly it is not at all that unusual for a clairvoyant to see lights in the sky, or a clairaudient to pick up alien messages through the air waves, even during a free online psychic reading! Some psychics and sensitives claim they have been abducted by ET’s in fact the empath tuning into your aura during a free online psychic reading might tell you he or she had a personal connection with a being from outer space and it was best left at that!

But the strange case of Gary McKinnon is indeed a “cause celebre!” Lookalike ET Gary is a very inquisitive British computer buff now reportedly being extradited for trial to the States because he hacked into both the Pentagon and NASA computer systems from 2001 to 2002. Not only did he find documentation on UFO technology in the files, but a military unit operating in outer space. Now one wonders what that could be all about? Perhaps you should check into a free online psychic reading and find out? Be prepared to be surprised! You could find your own personal X file when you least expect it!