Become Psychic

19204065headAs Dr Richard Bartlett, creator of the amazing Matrix Healing system says, “Scientists can only account for 10 percent of the universe and can only account for a maximum of 10 percent of what our brains are doing. Ninety percent of the universe is hidden somewhere and we cannot find it. So the power of that which is hidden is very powerful indeed!” Taking the aforementioned into account can anyone really “become psychic”? Well ladies and gentleman believe it or not we are all born with an inborn capacity to see behind the facade. Basically, to become psychic is easy peasey if you decide to open your heart and mind! So folks are you ready to take a magical journey and get all “beamed up?” Seriously, let us put it this way, to become psychic you do not have to be a mystical genius. In fact, as our planet evolves in consciousness, as the natural crises increase and the financial situation peaks and troughs, more than a few will start to perceive life from a totally new perspective.

Becoming Psychic

To become psychic starts with accepting life is not a material experience. To become psychic means asking questions about what happens when you analyze solid mass under a microscope? To become psychic means enquiring whether it could be true that we are all part of a unified field that transmutes into sub atomic particles! To become psychic makes one wonder about the aforementioned “hidden universe” and whether it is really the imperceptible force throbbing under the surface of reality, a force that some call Spirit. If you still have the capacity to wonder about such miraculous things and consider being a materialistic cynic very boring indeed, you will be the type who muses on soul and is astounded by a star lit night. In fact the magnificence of nature will encourage you to perceive a vast Spiritual Force behind all things.

To become psychic you will have probably started paying attention to your dreams and see them as keys to your psyche. You will realize you are on a mission and that mission is not to do with “me, me, me,” but with others, with their suffering, and what you can do to help them. To become psychic start a few mind expanding disciplines like a meditation technique or creative visualization. Read a book by the Dalai Lama, order the best seller The Secret, know that what you think is what you become. Indeed to become psychic you will start cleaning out negative thought programmes and start reviewing what beliefs make you feel you are never good enough, powerful enough or beautiful enough and as you do, you will release a huge creative inner potential

To become psychic you will find your own way, make your own choices, you will refuse to be just another new age adept, but someone with the courage to research concealed realities. To become psychic you might buy yourself some headphones and start listening to synchronizing CDs that balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. You might choose an aroma that relaxes your emotions, like Myrrh and listen to peaceful music to balance your nervous system. You might join a psychic development group, or enrol in the College of Psychic Studies and begin some training courses. You could start a healing programme like Reiki, or buy yourself a pack of tarot cards. You could hang crystals around your window or paint your bedroom light purple to connect to your crown chakra. In fact you will probably want to learn all about chakras to become psychic!

To really become psychic you will tune an esoteric perception of reality, a perception that has been much maligned. You will understand rather than be misunderstood, make peace rather than create turmoil. You will go beyond the cultural perception of a psychic as a sort of witch, sitting in a caravan with a bandana around her head and a crystal ball in her hand. You will realize that to become psychic, you can tune into thoughts that collaborate with each other. That you can touch inner knowledge and go far beyond the illusion that the world is a dangerous place, that we need to live in fear each other, that we need to compete, and fight to reach the top of the pile. As you sensitize your feelings, enlighten your mind, practice spiritual and brain/mind exercises, you will realize that to become psychic is not so impossible after all. It is a choice, like many, but perhaps a choice that has value in our world today. So join a vanguard of people seeking to enlighten their minds, you will not regret it!