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Shakespeare inferred in his play Hamlet that “there were more things in heaven and earth Horatio than you dream of in your philosophy” and many live psychics would say our friend Shakespeare had “hit the proverbial nail on the head!” So taking into consideration the “bard’s” take on the metaphysical, would it surprise you to learn that some live psychics not only read auras, tune into karma, “see” past lives, or read into the future, but are privy to paranormal events too?

Many live psychics would be willing to tell you that they have seen a ghost or two, a couple of UFOs and have visited crop circles, but this would be quite normal considering their interest in all that is “other worldly”. However, that does not necessarily mean to say that all live psychics have seen the Bermuda triangle in action.

The Bermuda Triangle

The very creepy Bermuda Triangle has become more than a myth in our time, it has become a mystery even in the best metaphysical circles. The fact that Lloyds of London claim that since the 1970s, more than 428 vessels have disappeared in the area alone, speaks for itself. Many empaths, mediums and live psychics on line would vouch for the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is full to bursting point with what they would define as “vile vortexes” whirling energy holes that suck boats, ships and planes into some other dimension. The disappearance of planes and ships is a long term mystery that a few live psychics working on line would have an explanation for, even if you asked them. They would however be prone to stating that other dimensions merge with ours here on earth and obviously science does not have a logical explanation to verify the horrid events happening in the Bermuda Triangle in a logical matter, as yet that is.

Live psychics love to chat about your problems, and help you out with them. They would also enjoy voicing a few of their theories about the infamous cattle mutilations, an odd phenomena that started in the 1970s. Some of the mutilations can be put down to wild animals attacking livestock or even human intervention but too many of the cattle mutilations were incredibly perverse, i.e. the poor beasts drained of blood and taken methodically apart. So it is unlikely the phenomena can be explained away with a wave of a magic wand or even a logical attitude!

Crop Circles

If you rang up live psychics and asked them what they thought of crop circles they would probably have a “field day”. They might tell you the first circles were noticed in the 1980s in the gentle fields of southern England. The circles have since increased from a mere 300 to a staggering 1,000 in the UK alone. They have been reported all around the world now from Australia to the United States. Some say they are hoaxes and are made by military planes with laser beams, etc. But strange lights have been seen over cornfields at dawn, just before complex crop circles appear in the fields. Light globes have been seen to hover and then disappear in a few seconds for example, and the fields themselves are surrounded by mists just before a circle occurs. Some live psychics might tell you that as far as they are concerned it is the fairy contingent getting up to its usual tricks, but the fact is spinning discs, or UFOs have been seen around crop circles by more than one person, so there could be various explanations regarding this phenomena .

Few live psychics on line will have been privy to encountering the massive, big cats seen in the north of England, which is fortunate for them! These wild cats are said to look like large panthers, a few people have actually encountered them, but these encounters are relatively rare, the sight of one is said to be a very traumatic event.

Live psychics might also have a lot to tell you about the infamous “men in black” who have become “part and parcel” of UFO folklore. The “men in black” have been classified as members of the US government, but you might hear some live psychics claiming they are actually aliens and one or two psychics could have actually met them! Those who have come into close contact claim the guys never blink or sweat and often present themselves after an important UFO sighting, as was the case in Arizona in the late nineties when over a thousand witnesses saw a massive triangular object in the sky. It was the size of a football field. Some witnesses were reported to have been threatened by the aforementioned “men in black” who came to visit them unexpectedly, only to disappear suddenly without trace.

Groom Lake

The infamous Area 51 is another puzzling metaphysical phenomenon! It is situated just north of Groom Lake in the USA: Live psychics would tell you that stealth aircraft are built there and that the US military machine develops their SR 71 spy planes, which land and take off from Area 51. Some witnesses claim to have seen UFOs hovering over the area however. Live psychics might tell you that as far as they are concerned there is far more to Area 51 than our “powers that be” would have us believe. They might even inform you that Area 51 is a base for ET/UFO landings with the full knowledge of the US government.

Many live psychics will answer personal questions efficiently but they are also privy to unusual information that is not usually reported by the mainstream press. It is always interesting to chat to them, and have one tune into a paranormal event that you might have experienced yourself. Like an ET sitting in your favourite chair gobbling your Black Magic chocolates. An acquaintance or ours saw a huge UFO in her back garden, now if she had called the live psychics online she might have understood what planet it had come from. In fact, one wonders which planet most live psychics come from? Now that is something for you to ask, the next time you dial their number.