9972019eye1Helen Schucman and William Thetford

Did the meeting of Helen Schucman and William Thetford, both professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University, have something to do with clairvoyance? After all these two people were very down to earth intellectual achievers concerned with “doing” and “being” in the world. Any hint of clairvoyance would have been classified as a “no no” on their part, as far away from their belief systems as chalk from cheese.

Helen describes herself as, “Psychologist, educator, conservative in theory and atheistic in belief, I was working in a prestigious and highly academic setting. And then something happened that triggered a chain of events I could never have predicted. The head of my department unexpectedly announced that he was tired of the angry and aggressive feelings our attitudes reflected, and concluded that, ‘there must be another way.’ As if on cue I agreed to help him find it. Apparently this Course is the other way.”

Both Helen and William were certain they could change attitudes and make things work between them and their colleagues, but they did not know how, or even understand what was driving them on, until the famed Course in Miracles channelled itself to Helen! Something metaphysically energetic, a sort of “clairvoyance” was the beginning of Helen’s profound metaphysical transformation. She stated, “Bill suggested that I write down the highly symbolic dreams and descriptions of the strange images that were coming to me. Although I had grown more accustomed to the unexpected by that time, I was still very surprised when I wrote, “This is a Course in Miracles!” That was my introduction to “the Voice”. It made no sound, but seemed to be giving me a kind of rapid, inner dictation which I took down in a shorthand notebook.”


The Course in Miracles has a spiritual intensity that has many thinking clairvoyance must be one of Helen’s natural gifts. Clairvoyance is a transfer of metaphysical information related to what scientists call “remote viewing”. Some see clairvoyance as delusional. “The Course in Miracles” says Helen, “makes a fundamental distinction between the real and the unreal; between knowledge and perception. Knowledge is truth, under one law, the law of love or God. Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous. It can be unrecognized, but it cannot be changed. It applies to everything that God created, and only what He created is real. It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and process. It has no opposite; no beginning and no end. It merely is. The project became a collaborative venture between Bill and myself, and much of its significance, I am sure, lies in that. I would take down what the Voice “said” and read it to him the next day, and he typed it from my dictation.

Helen claims she had an “internal teacher” yet we imagine she would giggle at the concept of clairvoyance, even though she was being guiding to writing enlightened prose. The Course could be described as “Clairvoyance with a twist”, a totally remarkable endeavour that changed not only Helen and William’s lives but the lives of millions. A Course in Miracle is a metaphysical work of art, a substantial teaching tool, and consciousness “primer”; it can totally alter our perceptions, and help heal the wounds of life. The Course is a spiritual treatise “par excellence!” Don’t miss out on it!