Free Horoscopes

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Before you decide on going for that free horoscope offer, be aware that a horoscope takes into consideration the positions of the Sun, Moon and planetary angles that occurred at your moment of birth. A free horoscope could also be called an astro chart, a sky map a star chart or a becausemogram, but its main purpose is to divine your life path, personal characteristics and soul choices. Simplified, a free horoscope will lay out planetary angles, ascendant, and mid-heaven descendent, plus the rising sign, or the zodiac above the horizon the day you were born. Most astrology readings require exact place and time of birth which is then converted into Greenwich Mean Time to interpret both your ascendant and mid-heaven positions. In your free horoscope the 12 houses and placements will be referred to and you will probably see words such as Opposition, Trine, Sextile, Semi Square, and Quincunx in the report, signifying important stellar influences playing out your destiny. You do not need to understand the zodiac detail contained within the free horoscope yourself, but rather trust the skills of the astrologer to interpret and guide you to transforming aspects of your life that are no longer serving your highest good. Your free horoscope, and the celestial information contained within it, could be seen as resonating beyond the speed of light, or rather the information divulged within it is not only descriptive of your life path, but metaphysical in content. You see, the archetypal energies contained within a free astrology reading affect soul aspects of your personality.

A Taster Experience

Astrology is a science, detailed, mathematical, exacting and skeptics can misinterpret its validity and sometimes breathtaking capacity to read into our souls. The free horoscope is a fine opportunity to experience what a full-on reading usually with greater detail, might be like. A free horoscope will essentially wake us up to the fact that we are like snowflakes, in that none of us are alike, and a free horoscope can express some aspects of our irreplaceable personality, and the uniqueness of our soul path. If we go beyond the basic astro characteristics of a courageous Lion, an innovative Aquarius, a sensitive Cancer or an animal loving Sagittarius, we will discover a far deeper, more intrinsic pattern to our personality traits, traits that a free horoscope can start to interpret.

Consider it astounding that human beings are influenced by planets light years away, and our lives can be affected by interstellar information that harks back to Babylonian times. But astrology asks us to be conscious, and to open our minds to the vastness of space! The Milky Way galaxy has a hundred thousand light years across it for a start, and our galaxy is one out of the billions in our universe. To grasp this fact could encourage us to start understanding an astro chart might be so accurate due to the power of the planetary sky above us. What any free horoscope will do is challenge you to consider all your infinite possibilities, and not galvanize your attention wholly on the ground between your feet. So go on, look up at the sky above, and realize there are forces that can influence destiny and perhaps a free horoscope will be your first contact with such a perception!