Psychic Web

24678432wetcobwebThe Montauk Project

Most empaths seek to build on their gifts, perhaps weave a psychic web of enhanced consciousness, a psychic web of evolution, a psychic web of new metaphysical realities, a psychic web that could have been involved in the infamous Montauk Project.

The Montauk Project originally sought to experiment with time and when initial information about it was released in 1992, it caused huge controversy and disbelief, may be because many found themselves standing on the edge of unheard of “occult” practices.

The origins of the Montauk Project started in 1943, when the US military was experimenting with radar invisibility projects. Research was ongoing on the ship USS Eldridge, stationed in Philadelphia. The astounding events which were to then to occur were named The Philadelphia Experiment, and became infamous worldwide.

The purpose of the original “experiment” was to make a battle ship invisible to enemy fire. But the result was both horrific and shocking. USS Eldridge totally dematerialized into hyperspace as a result of the project’s experimentation activities in fact the ship was virtually removed from vision. When the ship and the sailors on board USS Eldridge returned into vision, they were in a state of semi madness. Some were discovered within the very structure of the vessel itself! Many were reported to have died, those who survived were mentally sick for the rest of their lives. In fact the project could be classified as a “mind wrecker”.

Dr Von Neumann

Dr Von Neumann, the brilliant nuclear physicist, continued to investigate at the Brookhaven National Laboratories and wondered whether he could create an experiment without the same tragic result. It is said he built a computer capable of downloading human thoughts and then arranged them into information bites. These techniques were said to have been continually enhanced and ultimately the Phoenix Project was created. This project sought knowledge as to how the human mind functions. In this context psychics were experimented on.

It is said the aim of the project was to create mind control techniques and develop psychic abilities accessing unheard of human potential. In other words, by working on the psychics ‘ capacities to “see” beyond time, the project sought to utilise their gifts and transform them into a type of “hardware” used within a computer framework. Some claim that in the course of these outrageous experiments, a time vortex was opened, which subsequently created imbalances in human awareness all over the globe.

It is stated that the whole experiment was exposed by a Preston B Nichols, who found out that he had been used in the Project without knowledge. He was researching telepathy at the time and found that the psychics’ involved in his project were having visions blocked due to the interference of what seemed like “radio signals”. He was to later discover that he had worked on the original Montauk project himself and had even been part of the first experimentation process, but that he had totally forgotten this fact, apparently it had been “brain washed” out of him!

The Philadelphia Project

The Philadelphia project was also known as Project Rainbow and was connected to the brilliant work of Wilhelm Reich who was later imprisoned by the US government for his efforts. It is rumoured that Wilhelm Reich handed the US Government a device that could even control weather. It was also said that the mental, computerised experimentation on these aforementioned projects was later carried out in far more evil ways, especially on “disappeared” American children.

Whether we believe in these facts or not, certainly most of us are aware that information is being kept from us and that there is something “going on” behind the scenes that nobody can quite lay their finger on. Perhaps these facts seem like science fiction, but they have been laid before us with some back up documentation and reports, so it is up to us to decide to pay attention to them or not! Whether the documents and witness reports are genuine or not, there is no doubt that the Philadelphia Experiment will go down in history!