A Tarot Reading

71737462helpwantedWould you say that a tarot reading is carried out by a spiritually productive person? Would you say that a psychic individual is someone who has succeeded in tuning in to you just because they are interested in self knowledge, compassion and unconditional love?

The Reader

A tarot reading will succeed if the empath is spiritually aware. A truly spiritual person does not hide the truth. They know their task is to awaken and guide you to clarity so that you can do anything you want, without any problem at all. A truly spiritual individual does not allow others to condition them. They are decisive because they realize choices need to be made and stood by.

A spiritually productive person remains impersonal, he or she intuits a tarot reading he or she will carry it out from a detached perspective. He or she will let go of the good or bad outcome.

A tarot reading is usually carried out by a generous soul, the man or woman who wants to give to others what he or she wishes to receive. Who knows if you want respect and love or if you wish to be treated with kindness you need to be kind and respect others yourself and be ready to listen to them too. That is what a reading that” hits the bull’s eye” is all about, to prove to you that you are special, not that the reader is!

A reading is usually carried out by a person who loves the light. He or she is intolerant of negative states. He or she refuses to compromise with any element of darkness. He or she does not look to others to fulfil them, but is ready to awaken to things that are just passing through. A psychic who loves the light “includes”, “opens out” “is there for others!” A psychic who loves the light watches and when something “dark” appears, knows it is going to cost them if they don’t listen to what that “darkness” is trying to tell them. To love the light is to accept one’s own negative traits.

A tarot reading is carried out by one who refuses to get caught up in a rut of habitual victim thinking. Always feeling sorry for themselves and believing in negative assumptions are sure fire ways to walk down a one way road to nowhere.

A reading is done by individuals who stay out of the past and move on from it. They learn from it yes, refer to it yes, but they are aware that it cannot gain hold over them or others, if we wish to evolve and become a fulfilled and truly happy individuals. Their aim is to help you gain clarity, to overcome anxiety to stand for what you believe and above all shine with integrity.

Nothing in the universe is greater than the gift you have to give. That is what a tarot reading worth its salt will point out. It will help you know yourself and live an insightful life and it will wake you up.

Guy Finley

Guy Finley the US teacher and spiritual master tells us all the above, he also tells us that when we fall, we are inclined to fall into Spirit. In fact, always being successful can be a hindrance, learning that negative events and difficulties challenge us to grow into light filled souls, is the real response. Now that IS something to think about!