Television Psychics

39165484tvcoupleRussell Grant

So what on earth is the deal with television psychics these days? Well quite a “big deal” actually, may be because it is rare indeed that very successful empaths, mediums, healers and psychics would not want to “show case” their gifts as television psychics. Russell Grant is one of the most popular of television psychics, having presented an infinite number of shows. He has appeared on Breakfast time, People Today, World of Wonders, and Russell Grants Postcards and he has such a solar personality that he is invited on to many other types of shows as a celebrity. Other popular television psychics include Zak Martin who is “right on” when it comes to crime scene “perceptions” and spotting “Who Did It?” and Rosa Derriviere, Italian born, extremely intuitive, and currently on Sky TV’s “Psychic’s Interactive” as well as “Ways to Contact the dead!” on Channel Four! Mr. Gordon Smith also joins the television psychics’ contingent as a extremely popular “seventh son of the seventh son” and he is more than magically able to connect to Spirit, even in the presence of a very large audience indeed.

So what is it about television psychics then? Indeed, how can they really connect to the wonders of the Spirit World whilst the glare of camera and lights, plus fascinated mega audiences is upon them – not to mention a stressed out camera crew? The fact is television psychics know their craft. They have utter faith in the diverse experiences of metaphysical perceptions and spirit contact. They never ask themselves if there is “life after death?” They do not doubt their own prophecies, or question their intuition. Television psychics are unique types of individuals, folks who have a deep faith in “All That Is”, and a profound trust in the Spirit World, so it would be very difficult for them not to connect to the “Forces that Be” even if they were asked to channel at Wembley Stadium, in front of thousands of football fans. For them the Spirit World pervades everything, nothing can hold back is magnificence!

Robert Sheldrake PhD

However, one of the most famous biologists of our time, Robert Sheldrake PhD, attempts to explain how some television psychics manage to download accurate metaphysical information about people, places and things, and even how they can do it so easily in front of thousands of people. Robert believes that everything, animate or inanimate has a morphic field around it and that morphic field has an individual memory. So when television psychics tune into a situation, according to Sheldrake they are tuning into an energy field that “speaks” through them. For example, if you give a psychic the name of a boyfriend, it is totally possible that the psychic will read his “morphic field” through the name itself, and thus translate his private memories and experience via the aforementioned “morphic field.”

Normal Telepathy

On his intriguing website Sheldrake states “My research on telepathy in animals summarized in my book “Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home” led me to see telepathy as a normal, rather the paranormal phenomenon, an aspect of communication between members of animal social groups. The same principles apply to human telepathy, and I have investigated little explored aspects of human telepathy, such as telepathy between mothers and babies, telephone telepathy (thinking of someone who soon afterwards calls) and email telepathy.”

Certainly, the more rational might say that Robert’s theory explains away the incredible capacity some television psychics have to understand, read, intuit, pick up and decipher spirit messages, or even thoughts regarding an audience member, or an unknown individual. However, there is always an x-factor involved, and that x factor encapsulates the sense of spirit presence through ghost photographs, snapshots of UFOs and even crop circles as they manifest on camera! The fact is, there is still an incredible mystery pervading our universe! So until science has totally explained away the spirit world, television psychics will continue to have us riveted to our seats and remain a phenomenon that we cannot explain. That phenomenon excites us and frankly makes some sense out of life! Therefore, the morphic field of “mystery” remains the morphic field of something highly enigmatic. So, no matter how much we might look at it scientifically, we are still stumped when the television psychics connect to the Spirit World and calmly inform us that the long deceased Aunt Betty knows exactly where we lost our wedding ring. We rest our case!