16462666telescopeCelebrity horoscopes

Celebrity horoscopes are a fun read; they attract our attention and galvanize our curiosity. It can be somewhat satisfying to realize that celebrities, for all their fame, beauty and riches are not immune to life’s challenges. We like to worship them, gossip about them, identify with them and sometimes look like them; you know Angelina’s lips, and Jennifer Ariston’s nose! So let us take a fun peep at a few celebrity horoscopes, and catch up with their achievements, or as the case might be shenanigans.

Tiger Woods, up to his eyes in domestic problems bad press and extreme behaviour could be a case in point when it comes to troubled celebrity horoscopes! Mr. Woods is a rather bad tempered Capricorn, who the US media do not dig at this point in time. Those hidden negative Capricorn traits of his seem to be surfacing rather to fast and loose right now, and our Tiger’s stubborn, cold hearted “Goat” behaviour, plus his extreme emotional detachment, is probably going to get him far more than he bargained for in terms of continued bad press and law suits.

Celebrity horoscopes that suss out the secrets of stars such as lovely Leo Madonna hold us in virtual awe. In 2010 Madonna will start to pick up the pieces after the dreaded double whammy 2008/9 “horror” years that left havoc in their wake. Most Leos were not only reaching for the creme de menthe, they were drowning in it and to boot our Madonna was climbing the proverbial wall to reach a sane solution regarding the emotional aftermath of divorce, a failed adoption, followed by a successful one of course and negative media gossip that had our favourite star leaning on her “larger than life” spiritual core.

When celebrity horoscopes have anything to do with Virgo laddie Hugh Grant, few of the ladies will remain totally immune. What could our fun chappie be up to next we might ask? Well even though his year will start rather slowly, Hugh will find serenity; in fact inner peace could be the name of the game as Virgo’s incessant obsession with anxiety and hidden fears starts to decrease, as will Hugh’s weight. He admits he has put on a few pounds, but his excuse is turning 50 in 2010, a year for celebration or regret we might ask?

Chinese horoscopes

Chinese horoscopes also fascinate us. Jennifer Ariston who was born under the sign of the Chinese Monkey, might still want to continue as a bright single star, but a sudden and surprising encounter could drop the proverbial “ripe romantic pear from a tree!” right “wham, bang, Chapaz” into her lap, Additionally, if she has been feeling below par, in June, her monkey nature will start to leap from tree to professional tree, so she will not only find some great roles to show off in, she will excel in them.

And last but not least, when it comes to celeb horoscopes, what about the funny, rubber faced Capricorn Jim Carrey? Well with that moon in Cancer our Jim will continue to have folks rolling in the aisles, in fact they will be laughing so hard, they will hardly be able to pick themselves off the floor. Jim’s deep emotional sensitivity however, could affect his mood and his partner, but over all his strong, astute and dare we say it “crafty” personality will stand him in good stead in the year ahead – he will continue to be show biz’s favourite “joker”. So, as well as creating some sort of emotional stability in his life, even though he might not be the easiest celeb to live with, he will continue his ascend to the peak of the “success mountain”.

Yes, it has to be said, no matter how superficial, celebrity horoscopes interest us, perhaps more than our own horoscopes at times. Our horoscopes are fascinating yes, all engrossing yes but celeb horoscopes take our mind of our problems, and entertain us! Something that can never be underestimated.