The Tarot Cards

9965318mysticalmapTarot Card Possibilites

Tarot cards are a “magical map” of possibilities, as well as how our subconscious interacts with external events. It is believed tarot cards predict the future, but modern interpretations of the tarot cards are inclined to help us identify our options, and comprehend “Destiny” is not necessarily “written in stone” but has something to do with self awareness.

Various Tarot Decks

Many of us are fascinated by the images on tarot cards, various designs found in any metaphysical book shop or New Age outlet. They “speak to our souls” thrilling us. Decks such as the Minchiate Eturia and the Visconti Sforza originated in Italy, interestingly the Visconti was a personalized deck created for an aristocratic Italian family. The Marseille pack, the Thoth Tarot, the Crystal Tarot, the William Blake Tarot, are fascinating tarot cards, but really, we ask ourselves, do the images actually predict the good and the bad?

Natasha Richardson

The recent accidental death of Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident shocked us all! Could that lovely, sweet actress, wife of Liam Neeson, have averted terrible tragedy? Could a psychic have foretold the event? Was what happened “destined?” A wise reader will always tell you to remain connected to a spiritual perception of the tarot cards when life challenges hit us with such calamity. Misfortune could seem incomprehensible and tragic without faith, which is the golden key to metaphysical knowledge. Without faith we will be unable to decipher divine mysteries and “access” to sacred knowledge will be kept from us.

Once we choose to utilize tarot cards we soon realize the process of metaphysical evolution, the type of evolution that is needed to read them, is like tending a garden. We pull up the weeds that choke the earth and our “progress”, preparing our “spiritual bulbs” during sometimes grim “winters”. Indeed, the metaphysical initiate knows to cultivate positive thoughts through dire challenges in order to gain access to the exquisite beauty of spiritual knowledge.

Definition of Life

Once a potential tarot reader understands life is “eternal” and death is but a “portal” through which we all must pass, a “soulful” experience will play out, and existence will be seen as a mystical journey. The tarot will be understood in-depth, as we continue our quest, realizing our material body is but a container. In fact, a spiritual seeker will understand that life on this planet does not end with death, but continues into the infinite. In fact “Death” is one of the most beautiful tarot cards in the deck. It shows a skeleton but also – as in the Aquarian Tarot Deck – the Sun and a Rose, symbolizing infinite evolution – the sun always rises, the roses always bloom, far beyond our more personalized visions.

Symbolic Tarot

The mysteries of the tarot cards are therefore symbolic of humanity itself. As the metaphysical apprentice passes through many initiation tests some easy, some hard, they will be lead to heightened “awareness” and a comprehension that the tarot cards are an internal map that we can pull out in times of challenge or ambiguity and trust that an evolved reader will guide us forward with humility and love when we need them to.

So could Natasha have avoided that skiing accident? We doubt it, mainly because her soul “knew” what it had to do before she incarnated on planet earth. In fact her soul touched millions, as did her magnetic presence on stage and screen. She delighted us all as she left this world “young” and continues on even “younger”, evolving and developing that exquisite soul essence she carried so nobly. Yes, beautiful Natasha survives in the infinite and the wonder of God’s Plan.

Any medium who uses tarot cards to connect to the “other side” or any empath who “sees” spirits, will tell you that the universe is the eternal number 8, never ending and always in continuum. So have courage and know that the tarot cards are your friend, and when used with spiritual awareness and humility, can indeed open a magical door to a new life in the past, present and future.