Astrology Reading


Astrology Predictions

Can an astrology reading predict end times? Well an astrology reading can certainly be a wakeup call to understanding where humanity is headed. One such astrology reading insists the Antichrist is already in this world causing as much damage as possible. It sort of agrees with the admonitions in the book of Revelations in other words! Another astrology reading showed that a Venus/Jupiter placement in 1998 announced the Antichrist. Another astrology reading underlined the dangers working under the surface as the Antichrist gains more power in the world. The Antichrist is seen as a good man on the surface! Don’t jump to conclusions, a good man to his followers! Some might refer to Osama bin Laden, who seemed almost saintly to his own folks, but denounced “the West” as “Great Satan” and responsible for many of his people’s woes. His perceptions have continued to create deep unrest and tragedy on the world scene. Yet the challenges are not over. The passing of an especially traumatic solar eclipse in July 2009 made most of us feel so stressed out we thought things could not get worse, well they can! Expect more huge shifts in 2010, including a massive earthquake somewhere. Some refer to the Big One in California; at least this has been foretold in yet another astrology reading.

The Mayan Calendar

Before you reach for your smelling salts how about cheering yourself up with that good old Mayan calendar prediction that Doomsday is on December 21 2012. An astrology reading confirmed the end of the world in 2012 also, but what world? Perhaps 2012 will be more a time of great consciousness shifts towards the truth rather than planetary catastrophe. Yet again, an astrology reading announced the existence of ET’s and UFO’s, and that this fact will be confirmed by the US Presidency and a European Government, with confirmation that ET bases are on the moon.

Yet another astrology reading saw recent comets in our skies being of great significance. Remember when the Hale Bopp swept across the heavens in 1997, and a fire exploded in Turin cathedral? You probably don’t, but that year a huge UFO craft, said to be the size of a football field was seen by thousands in the skies over Arizona! Anyway, to return to Hale Bopp we are not saying that the comet was entirely responsible for the fire in Turin cathedral, but just that there could be a connection. Just in case you don’t know, Turin Cathedral houses the Shroud of Turin, which managed to escape severe damage – a great relief to many believers. By the way, a third comet is also expected, according to yet another astrology reading, and as comets usually shake up planetary energies, the U.S. could see an economic recovery with continual highs and lows that will wobble the world population. In fact we will be shaken up so consistently, many of us cannot expect things to return to “normal” for a few more years.

Astrology & Nostradamus

Generally, any astrology reading will sustain the prophecies of Nostradamus, but we say humanity could take heed of those dire warnings right now and start moving in a more appropriate spiritual direction. Good thoughts and caring vibrations can stop most “bad scene” predictions that include the spread of terrorism, various plagues (swine flu) and some really nasty wars. The challenges can be overcome. There is always a possibility of holding back the worst of it all with knowledge, again many an astrology reading counsels humanity to remain calm and optimistic and seek faith in the infinite power of love.

Whether you believe in an astrology reading or not, it could shake you to your core when it is personal, and have you reaching for the creme de menthe when it refers to the planetary situation. Most astrologers insist “awareness” and “knowledge” are the keys to humanity’s growth and liberation. Some researchers sustain the world population has been kept in the dark about space travel and the higher echelon’s political and financial manipulations since the Second World War. The fact is the more we search for real solutions and connect to each other with positive vision, the more we can avoid the results of global egoism, self interest and a takeover by the elite or as David Icke sustains the dark governments manipulating behind the scenes. Well, we can try, perhaps with the help of your basic astrology reading!