Numerology On Line

19223047numberlistSeeking out numerology on line information is a fascinating journey to take. Most of us know that numerology is the language of numbers, but few of us realise it goes far deeper into the human psyche than we are aware of, in fact whether you experience numerology online through a psychic reading or just enjoy information available on the web, it is guaranteed to excite you.

Gnobo Calypso

Gnobo Calypso is a mystical numerologist. He presents his numerology on line treatise with lectures that pinpoint sacred geometry. He states in his numerology on line info, that mystical numerology connects to the wonders of sacred geometry, for example the magical geometrical tetrahedrons that are contained in the smallest microbe or the greatest stretches of the universe itself.

Gnobo believes we need to learn to balance our heart and head energy, and understand that our psychic/spiritual self, or our astral self, expresses itself in numbers and sacred formats. In his fascinating numerology on line presentations Gnobo states that “mystical numerology can determine our destiny, or the right path to tread on this planet.”

Everything is connected, Gnobo insists, “so it is mistaken to believe our bodies are separated from others, in fact our bodies form part of the actual sacred geometry patterns lying within the universe itself. We are all a microbecausem of the becausemos in other words, and should be a balance of heaven and earth at all times!”

As he expounds on complex numerology on line theories, he tells us that anyone who has a strong six in their chart is naturally connected to the vibrations of the planet of love, Venus. The six would have Libran qualities and be attracted to beauty, the arts and entertaining. They are benevolent, kind and caring, inclined to self sacrifice, so that people take them for granted. The six is represented by the tree and plants. The sacred geometry aspect of six is found in the geometrical structure of honeycombs, Gnobo teaches. Six brings in protection and caring to a life and a great sense of community spirit too.

Gnobo wants us to realize the magic of mystical numerology on line, but it has to be said that an empath who is specialized in the numerogical aspects of a personal chart can also help her client by reading charts of numerology on line, thus divulging an individual “prime number” such as the aforementioned six Gnobo cites. This would help anyone understand the prevalent characteristics of their personality.

Carmen Lynn

Carmen Lynn is a clinical hynotherapist as well as a numerologist. She also gives lectures in numerology on line. She tells us that the number seven is that of the psychic. Seven is also associated with luck. But sevens are also restless people who love to travel, and are frequently writers. They are introspective and think things through a lot. They like to feel in tune with that totality of themselves.

The number three however is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is a very fun, creative expressive number. Some call it the “sunshine” number. Threes are always up to something new. It is an exciting number.

The number four is of completion; it is ruled by Uranus and is a stable number. Four is the builder, the banker, the accountant. However Gnobo tells us that the four numbers also manifests in the form of the cube in sacred geometry. The cube builds structure so we can raise our frequency to manifest security in our lives through it. It is up to our own thought processes how we heighten our vibration in regard to our personal number however, that is why metaphysical folk always insist we think positive, so that we create the best life possible for ourselves.

Experimenting with the knowledge that numerology on line can give us is a positive experience. If we want to know more about our prime number we could also contact a numerologist through a trusted media company that vets its people to make sure they know what they are doing. We are certain the experience will not only be inspirational but highly motivating!