Psychic Interactive

19121816sciencemindWhat is Psychic Interactive?

What do those words Psychic Interactive mean? Do you associate them with a capacity to “see” beyond physical into metaphysical realities? Perhaps those words alone might have you reaching for the creme de menthe. What is so hot about being a “psychic interactive??” What is so great about any type of metaphysical interaction for that matter? Especially when the thought of having your future read makes your toes curl. This major world crisis is not helping anyone feel that upbeat about the future. So all you need is some empath going all “psychic interactive” on you, and predicting bad stuff! In fact you believe most psychics are rip-off merchants telling you what you want to hear. Who needs all that psychic interactive junk anyway?

Dan Winters

Hang on! Even if you feel that psychic interactive issues are “off the planet”, don’t tell Dan Winters. Dan Winters is a serious metaphysical icon. His background is that of a graduate in psychophysiology and biofeedback. He is a respected physicist, psycho physiologist, author, musician, computer wizard and polygraph researcher who graduated with honours from the University of Detroit. He is one of the “New Minds” and an expert on quantum physics and space lab technology.

In the early nineties Dan created the San Graal School of Sacred Geometry and the Biodome Healing Centre in North Carolina. He contributed to many inspiring projects including “Timeless Architecture” “The Fifth Way Mystery School” and the “Group Planet Heart Beat Earth Biofeedback Project”. The “Heart Beat Project” uses the Internet as a means of international communication. “Through the use of a biofeedback devices connected to a home computer, the heartbeat at the moment of compassion registers a specific frequency signature that possesses very special properties. This frequency, or wave, can add and multiply itself infinitely and non-destructively and be experienced outside of oneself. His experiments with humans sending love to trees have shown that the trees respond at a distance by aligning to the heart at moments of peak emotion.”

Dan’s perceptions show a world population needing to “rev up” perceptions of reality. In fact, one could say the words “psychic interactive” would figure highly on Dan’s list of things to do. Maybe because Dan has radically turned the page in metaphysical perceptions. Whether we are aware or not, a worldwide evolution in consciousness is going on and it is touching most empaths, sensitives and psychics tuning into the innovations of New Science and cultivating their dedication to truth. So next time you hear those words “psychic interactive” don’t reach for the creme de menthe reach out to the concept that humanity’s destiny is being currently decoded by evolved minds like Dan’s who use science, and even channelled information to reassess reality.

Dan is proving there is a profound connection to all things, if we just manage to cross bridges between worlds. He is developing innovative theories on gravity, that he calls the “magnetic monopole”. Simplified this signifies that only love has the power to bend light and therefore only love creates. Dan states that, “The fractal attractor of the heart’s electricity accompanying the learned and teachable skill of choosing compassion, can indeed be the centring force for self awareness and evolution!”

Still Unsure?

So those of you out there, who doubt the metaphysical, realize that there is more research and innovation going on than you would deem possible. The new world we create could verify psychic interactive behaviour as a global method of communication. Children born now could utilize new behaviour skills to enhance life on this planet. Hey, just a psychic interactive thought! and one that crystal and indigo children have already integrated. The main principals we need to adhere to now is an open mind. Columbus travelled the globe and proved the world was not flat; we are currently travelling consciousness to prove that the invisible can become visible!