Free Psychic Test

31197583examYou have been sensing things intuitively for some time, you know when you best friend is feeling down. You pick up when someone is about to have a migraine, you empathize with others so much you literally merge with their emotions. But you are not quite so sure of yourself, so you decide to try out a free psychic test on line, just to make sure that you are not fooling yourself with all these “strange” perceptions you have been experiencing lately.

A free psychic test could be somewhat similar to an intelligence test but instead of challenging your IQ it will challenge your paranormal capacities and ask you to “predict” what a symbol could mean, or be. A free psychic test could also ask you to anticipate what colour could be coming next in a row of colours. A free psychic test might even show a line up of faces, and you could be asked to predict what each person is feeling. But basically, what is the point of a free psychic test other than to prove you have powers others might not be privy to? And what does being psychic actually mean in this day and age anyway?

Modern Day Psychics

Being a psychic in the 21st century has a diverse significance to say, being psychic a hundred years ago. Why? Well humanity is currently faced with huge global challenges. War and terrorism are testing our leaders. The world’s richest are endeavouring to transform the economic system to positive Climate change is creating devastating glitches in weather forecasts, and the world’s scientists are trying to come up with the right answers. But what has all this to do with taking a free psychic test? Well, the moment you discover that you have paranormal abilities; you could start working to resolve global problems. Sounds farfetched? It is not. Certainly a free psychic test will not tell you how to do this, but if you pass it, it will demonstrate that you are a magical individual. You could use your gifts to help the human race in its struggle for survival with healing sessions, counselling, or just kind and loving support. So even though a free psychic test in of itself cannot resolve the global crisis, it could accentuate your awesome metaphysical gift that comes from Spirit in its own way and in its own time.

Being psychic in the 21st century is “a resonance equation” What is a resonance equation? Well, it is a problem solving force field, which signifies not only passing that free psychic test but moving on to acknowledge your paranormal gifts one hundred percent. You will resonate with these God given capacities, perhaps by joining a vanguard of individuals, i.e. empaths, healers, mediums, etc who are vibrating at high levels, and evolving their consciousness with pure intent. These kinds of human beings will know that a free psychic test is not as important as the love in their hearts, and going beyond a need to feed their egos. In fact, they might maintain that a free psychic test on line is but a first step towards the building of higher will and contributing to global healing and evolution, or simply put, learning to live to the fullest potential as we contact our knowing souls.

Passing a free psychic test could mean you are a healer, a mystic, a medium, or an empath, but above that you are on this earth to work for a higher purpose and participate in a great metaphysical challenge that will ultimately benefit the future of humanity. In this process you might join a healing group, or build a light network of people you can connect to. You could decide to step into your full potential the more you decide to learn about, and tune into, the subtle waves of consciousness. In that process you will challenge yourself, and soon transform into a professional healer, psychic or empath. However, deep down you know you will only be truly successful as an empath if you nurture humanity and contribute to creating a better world. So yes, passing that free psychic test might be fun, but the real issue is about the soul’s capacity to love, not about competing with others or proving yourself.