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45379952computerAn astrologer online would certainly be concerned about 2012’s planetary aspects, in fact these days an astrologer online often makes themselves more than available for their clients, especially when folks are perturbed by the times we are living through. Astrologers on line are willing to give as much astro feedback as possible not only to help our personal lives and ease our minds, but to guide us towards more understanding of humanity’s destiny past 2012.

Helen Sewell

Helen Sewell told Red Ice Radio that she was literally born an astrologer, the first time she looked at the heavens as a seven year old child, she was not just fascinated by the immensity of the universe she was intrigued by the powerful effect of the “stars” on the psyche of human beings.

Helen is a highly evolved astrologer, who recently researched the astro effects of 21st December 2012 and many of her colleagues would be fascinated by her theories.

She says “In 2012, when Neptune enters Pisces, we will then be seeking redemption through the arts, spirituality, victim/saviour situations, relationship, and selfless service. There may well also be the strong urge to transcend our physical reality. In fact I have a fantasy that we will no longer need to use Aquarian technology to feel connected to each other, but rather we will just naturally develop our psychic abilities.”

Like many an astrologer online Helen does not perceive 2012 as “an end of world scenario” but more of an advance in consciousness.

When I look around me, she says, I see people struggling enormously with difficult issues that seem to be coming up thick and fast for them, as if on some level we are tuning into the urgency of having to wake up to a new way of being. It is up to us how we embrace those challenges, but I do not believe there are any fast-track methods to enlightenment. It may be easier for some, but for most of us it is a long and painful process involving deep inner work and soul searching. I would like to think we could reach the consciousness necessary for a positive change, but that could be a tall order for people to gain the kind of self-awareness necessary before 2012.”

Certainly, Helen points out, humanity’s path to enlightened change is proving a long one. Yet, still there is a positive side to waking up to our dark side, to the fact that we have let our governments clamp down on our freedom and encourage us to live on credit that will take a lifetime to pay off. However, we still cannot ascertain what is really going on behind the scenes and this makes us feel insecure, especially when some of our liberties are being taken away from us and the hard realities of financial meltdown, global warming and war continue to hit the news on a daily basis. The fact is, many of us are still experiencing turmoil. Insecurity and fear are present in our own lives and our incapacity to handle the changes we are faced with is unnerving. Astrologers however, can help ascertain where we will be personally in 2012 and the significance of that time for us could even be encouraging.

Not only astrologers, but empaths would advise us to evolve within first and foremost, to open up to the process of change and rather than fear it, see the breakdown of governmental and financial services as a good sign, for something better could be put in their place Uranus’ is here and his message is that “tried and tested” ways of life are about to fall apart, something new has to grow out of the cinders.

The chasm between what authorities are presenting a reality and what is truly going on behind the scenes, proves to be ever widening and for many of us there is a sense we are living in an illusion, or that we have been lied to by those who are supposed to represent us.

The astro sky for 2012 will bring up these sharp contrasts even more. The tension between the planet Pluto that entered Capricorn in 2008 and controls by fear and Uranus opposing Saturn, could radically overthrow the pre-established order. In other words, old and new ways will clash against each other and the result could be a dangerous explosion of seditious energy around about the time of the 2012 Olympic Games in Great Britain, according to Helen.

One could say that astrology is a key to uncovering our unconscious mind and revealing the hidden power within, both in the good and bad. How, we decipher such information however, is ultimately up to our capacity to transform and flow with the times!