Angel Tarot Card Readings


Have you ever thought that doing angel tarot card readings is not just about picking up the messages of pretty pictures on cards? Have you ever thought that anyone who does angel tarot card readings might actually be an angel themselves? Certainly, if you are into angel tarot card readings without a yearning to be a messenger of light, you might as well wrap them up and put them away right now.

Being an Angel

So what is it like being an angel? And how do you suss out that you are one, who has incarnated on this planet in physical form?

1. An angel knows that the material world is an illusion. They are aware that everything is light before it manifests into the physical form.

2. An angel knows that practicing “random acts of kindness” towards others, especially those who dislike them, without a thought of return in kind, is the only way to exist.

3. An angel leans over to gift a tramp money, they know that it is very unlikely he or she is a “rip off merchant”, but just someone down on their luck, and as that old song goes, “there but fortune goes you or I”.

4. If an angel sees someone struggling with their shopping bags they offer to help them.

5. An angel sends a beautiful card to a friend with a few words of appreciation to tell them how much they care about them.

6. An angel tells all those they adore how much they love them whenever they can.

7. An angel pops in to visit that little old lady down the road, with a bunch of flowers and listens to their tales of days gone by.

8. Angels love to hug babies, or turn to someone sad with a smile.

9. Angels help someone lost, by walking a little way down the road with them, so they feel protected and guided.

10. Angels are prepared to love someone in difficulties and then move on leaving a trail of stars behind them.

11. Angels let go.

12. Angels are always in contact Spirit wherever they are. They can pretend to be human beings, living alone or within a family structure, but nothing can stop their profound connection to the light and last but not least

13. Angels fly “because they take themselves lightly”

Think of all the wonderful things you could do to help others right now and also that this could be your very last day on this planet. So look around you with gratitude at all that God has given you and next time you do some angel tarot card readings, realize that by living like an angel, you could become one!