Sacred Sites

34707088sacredsiteSome areas of this world are blessed, and living near them, or visiting them, brings peace and luck to one’s life. But could other areas be “dammed” bringing deep unease and bad luck to the individual?

Michael H Brown

As Michael H Brown stated in his recent article, “Last month I was driving from the airport in Orlando toward St. Augustine in Florida and there was a tremendous darkness, the descent of thunder clouds as I had rarely seen thunder clouds, so close to the ground and so dark, that it was daunting, with constant flashes of thickest lightning when I got home, I learned from the news that at one point technicians had recorded 4,200 strikes of lightning in that vicinity in an hour.” Michael goes on to claim that “certain” areas of Orlando might be drawing in dark forces. Whether we consider this likely or not, we all “sense” that certain places depress us or make us feel uneasy

Negative Forces

Some say negative forces hover around cemeteries, some police stations, jails, labour camps, or areas of degraded living conditions, in any event areas where living beings have been tortured, tormented, or have suffered at the hands of others. Human tragedies like the Chernobyl disaster created in balances that not only brought about physical illness due to nuclear contamination, but also damaged individuals’ energy fields causing depression and extreme desperation. Concentration camp sites like Auschwitz or the deep, dark forests in Cambodia, in fact any area where terrible massacres occurred is frightening and sinister long after such events took place. Disaster locations exist in Rwanda and the ex Yugoslavia, areas that emanate negative energies are to the extent of human depravities committed there. The fascinating Tower of London could make the over sensitive feel uncomfortable or sense the ghosts of tortured political prisoners, the “Little Princes” and beheaded kings and queens.

Positive Energy Fields

On the light side certain global hotspots emanate super positive energy fields, whirling vortexes of power that frequently manifest around underground springs or areas with lay lines running through them; lay lines are underground highways that carry electromagnetic earth energy that invigorates and spiritualises a place, holy site or individual. Some sacred sites are situated in areas geometrically aligned to planets and stars, like the Pyramids of Egypt or Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a beloved site that inspires us all. Many of us have visited it, consciously or unconsciously aware of its massive morphic field or earth Aura. Interestingly the healing energies of volcanic springs also inject harmonizing forces into the human energy field. Lourdes waters cure peoples’ spiritual, psychological and physical woes. The Saturnia spa, located in a mystical area of the Tuscan countryside, vibrates with history. We literally “fall into” deep relaxation as we splash in its healing waterfalls.


India is well known to be rich with spiritual sites, ashrams and holy mountains. The sacred river Ganges flows through Mother India’s astonishing landscapes embedding visitors with an indefinable sacred energy that shakes them to the core. Glastonbury England hums with positive energies too. Perceived by some to be the resting place of the Holy Grail, this little Camelot in the British countryside is a balm to the soul. Climbing its suggestive Tor and gazing down on the countryside below, lifts the spirits. In medieval days its healing waters attracted pilgrims from all over the British Isles and nowadays the ruins of its Abbey are both suggestive and inspiring. Machu Picchu, Easter Island, the Pyramids, Assisi, Jerusalem, in fact Holy Sites all over the world gather together like minded, high energy folks unafraid of believing in miracles as they admire awesome beauty spots. From a metaphysical perspective these sacred hotspots sustain huge morphic fields that suck us into healing light energy, invigorating and inspiring us. Angels have been seen around them and Spirit guides, UFOs and light formations have been noted around the Glastonbury area of England.

You too can energize your home and garden, turning it into a mini sacred site, plant flowers and trees that call in butterflies. Create a dove house. Place programmed crystals around flowerbeds and on mantelpieces, Feng Shui your garden or balcony, hanging bells on the porch or French windows, red ribbons over the front door, plant magical herbs that heal like comfrey, rosemary and lavender. Say a prayer in each corner. Identify a central area that attracts you and then envision a sacred pathway extending up from that spot into a ball of light above your head, a ball of light that is emanating into the past, present and future. Fill your garden and home with music. Spray holy energized water around dark corners sometimes found deep foliage or attics, lofts and cellars. Soon you will attract extraordinary people. Miracles will happen. It will feel as if each particle of your life is emanating light! In fact, one could go so far as to say that the most precious Sacred Site is your own soul and the beautiful healing thoughts you nurture for others!