Psychic Psychics

34831558moonwaterBob Dean

Psychic psychics love Bob Dean, he is the type of guy everyone loves especially supersensitive psychic psychics who for years have known that human kind has been operating under the illusion that we are alone in the universe!

Bob Dean, a notoriously charming senior, whose long white hair, pigtail and handsome face still manage to mesmerize the ladies tells us that the “UFO story is the greatest story ever told!” And that we have been contacting ET intelligence since the beginning of human history.

At the recent Expopolitics Summit Press Conference in Barcelona, Bob Dean told the audience that he had spent “24 years in active service for the US army and participated in one of the “bloodiest wars in human history” the Korean War.

He continued, “However everything would change for me. In 1963 I received an assignment to the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe, at that time it was considered a choice placement.

I was excited about the assignment and took my wife and kids to Paris where the Headquarters was stationed. I was sent to the Operations Centre on a specified assignment but I was soon shocked at what I was to learn.


It appeared that an event occurred on 2nd February 1961 that almost started World War III. A large number of circular craft flew over central Europe as well as over NATO and allied lines. These objects were metallic and flying at a very high speed and altitude and they flew in formation obviously under intelligent control. They flew west and turned north over the British channel and disappeared from radar completely over the Norwegian Sea!

In this case, even Bob would say that psychic psychics would not really have had to predict that NATO would go on red alert!

Bob Dean continued, “Sir Thomas Pike, a British Air Marshall initiated a study to find out what had been going on. The study took three years to conduct, and was published in 1964. It was a shocking report! It concluded that the human race had been under observation for a very long time. Whoever “the ETs” were, they were deeply interested in us and had been studying us for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The study concluded that if they had been hostile or malevolent there was absolutely nothing we could do about it.

I have spent the next 45 years trying to understand what all this meant; I realized that we are members of an intergalactic community that forms intelligent life.

We are dealing with four ET races, they are all humanoid but one group is totally human, just as we are. The conclusions are that we are hybrids and the ETs are assisting us in coming to terms with who we are and why we are here!

The biggest question basically is where are we going? Do we have a future as a species and a race? Bob Deans is sure of his assertions and tells us bluntly that our destiny is in the stars!

Psychic psychics, who also saw the landing of Apollo on the moon, realized even back then that this was a giant step for humanity, but also sensed there was something “not quite right”. They were correct; forty rolls of film were erased from the photographs of the Apollo moon landings.

The Big Secret

Bob Dean continued, “The big secret was what was found when we got on the moon. We found overwhelming evidence that we are not alone. ET’s followed us all the way to the moon, around the moon and all the way home! And they watched every move we made while we were on the moon. All of this was filmed that explains why those 40 rolls of film were erased”.

Bob Dean has worked for disclosure, he want the presence of ET’s to be recognised by our governments publicly; it has become his personal “cause clbre”.

At the time of the moon landings, he had absolutely no doubts that some of the photos survived and rightly so, now some of them have actually been rediscovered and can be accessed by the general public. One could claim that these photos are shocking, but as Bob Dean has been saying for the last twenty years “”We have a right to the truth!”