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What any spiritual reader will tell you is that to live your life to the full you need to overcome fear. Tarot readers are more than aware of that truth since the Tower, Death, and Devil cards can inspire alarm, may be because we dread what could happen if we see them in a spread. After all loss, obsession, and catastrophe are what we panic about the most. Tarot readers however, will have learnt to acquaint themselves with the deeper meaning of these cards and guide their clients to understanding that “terrifying” need not necessarily be “outcome”. Tarot readers also know that fear is quite natural, and part of being human, in fact many spiritual workers will have learnt to overcome their own fears to help us out, so do not be surprised if a favourite empath is into bungee jumping or mountain climbing, preferring to focus on overcoming terror rather than subscribing to it.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela once said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Indeed evolved tarot readers will know that fear is about denying power, giving into negative thoughts and letting self created nightmares manifest over loving feelings. Limiting beliefs and self betrayal create fear too. If we cannot trust ourselves, how can we possibly trust others? When we fear we feel out of control, sense that Destiny is stronger than we are. We ask for one “reading” after another yet consistently miss the point, failing to realize the tarot cards just paint a picture of our inner world, a world that is inclined to manifest if we miss the point. What is the point? Well, the point is we can transform our world and create a new future with self determination once we recognize we are light filled beings, rather than victims, once we realize positive thoughts can open our hearts and minds to new possibilities.

Personal Power

Enlightened tarot readers like to point out that we often forget how powerful we are, how much greater our souls are than what happens in the world around us, no matter how much evil and injustice we see. Yet our culture imbues us with a fear that can be so intense we panic, and do horrible things to eliminate it. Were the cruelties of Nazi Germany a result of economic and racial fears? Was Rwanda the result of tribal fears? Is prejudice simply our incapacity to stand up to inner darkness? Jung called this incapacity “the shadow!” Yet the fact is those who have experienced a traumatic event find it hard to rid themselves of a terror that haunts their lives. They panic at the slightest thing, dread minimal challenges. So how can we move on from that type of fear, and find solutions?

Overcoming Fear

One way is to simply stand up to the fear itself. If you are afraid of jumping in the deep end of a swimming pool, jump, and as you leap into the water visualize that you are letting go of all the other fears you nurture. Fear of the dark, fear of loneliness, fear of pain will melt like ice in the sun as you hit that pool feet first. You could also try “fire walking” if you are scared of challenge, or leap on the big wheel at the fairground if you are afraid of heights. You could ask a therapist to “train” you to overcome your “cat” “dog” “spider” fears with hypnotherapy. Whatever you fear can be dealt with if you stand up to it!

Sometimes, life makes it difficult to take a stance though. Circumstances limit us in war zones, illness or economically deprived times and we become immersed in fear yet again. Spiritual advisers and tarot readers suggest we utilise “active imagination”, in other words “imagine” we are overcoming a problem, see ourselves taking action to make solutions come true, and our inner self will “believe” we have done just that Sounds too simple? Well simplicity is known to be the short cut to enlightenment. Affirmations are simple too, but our unconscious minds finds clarity far easier to process!

So yes, tarot readers will tell us we can beat the phobias once we believe in our inner power. The universal truth is that we are all magnificent beings of light. And as we overcome our shadow by facing it, we also overcome the challenge of the Tower Tarot Card that simply crumbles into nothing as we evolve, as we discover that out of difficulty we transform into beings of light! So have no fear “The Force is With You!”