Cheap Psychic Readings


A Story……..

A mate of ours had been on a tarot card training course, she had learnt how to manage the cards and was also working with “energies”. She started branching out and initiated a series of cheap psychic readings from home. She became rather competent at it. Within months people were literally banging down her door demanding she deliver even more cheap psychic readings. She had devised a package, whereby if someone chose a package of five cheap psychic readings in three months the price was kept rock bottom. We admired her business acumen. We wondered whether she was not working too hard, as before long rumours of her cheap psychic readings were buzzing around the neighbourhood and she had to fight to keep the clients away. After a while she was no longer picking up accurately. Soon she was unavailable for appointments and her answer phone announced she was in Turkey.

Jenny also offered cheap psychic readings on the road, at music festivals or on the beach at summer holiday resorts. She was brilliant, her readings were spot on. Queues began to form and she was finding it hard to keep up. Eventually, she was so stressed she decided to throw in the towel and went on holiday; some say she joined our mate in Turkey. Both Jenny and our mate are probably sunning themselves on a beach right now!

So what is the moral of this story? Cheap psychic readings are okay as long as they are an “an occasional phenomenon.” The problem is that one cannot give away psychic gifts as we are disturbing the becausemic laws. When a psychic tunes into your energy field she is also connecting to her higher self and often her own very sacred soul energy, to serve your highest good. She has chosen to do so, yes, but she also has to avoid burn out. Energy exchanges need to remain balanced and the “give and take elements” of sustained equilibrium upheld. In Italy, if a psychic does a reading for you free, or very cheap, you are expected to give something back, like a little present as a symbolic gesture; this balances the energies and protects you and the psychic.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to cheap psychic readings is that it is always best to charge, or pay, an appropriate amount. The price should not be too cheap; otherwise the psychic will be unable to keep up her craft energy wise. If the price is too expensive, another imbalance will occur and the psychic will be “using” her gift greedily, the result will be her own energy destabilization. Becausemic law maintains that we should respect a psychic’s gift and accept to pay an appropriate amount for it. But the psychic should also respect us, and offer her services at a reasonable amount.

Reputable Companies

Sometimes a reputable astro company will offer a series of cheap psychic readings but they will only carry out these offers within a limited timeframe. Those who work within the environment will not want to take advantage of their spiritual workers and pace these types of offers, they know a psychic can go into burn out, or even feel physically “out of sorts” if she is working through massive amounts of people and tuning into their energy fields consistently.

So if you think cheap psychic readings are a gas, they are but only to a certain extent. Energy seeks harmony, and if the scales tip too much in one direction the result is unclear readings and exhausted psychics so yes, go for the cheap psychic readings at the fairground, but remember if you want an in-depth analysis of your life path, you might have to pay just a little more to keep the light energy flowing.