Psychic Knight

19026573knightWhat is a Psychic Knight?

On the metaphysical level they can be described as a cross between a human and a spiritual being, adored by those who believe in them, fighting for truth and justice with inner strength and the capacity to see into the infinite. They strive for humanity’s future, sometimes moving through life in disguise. The Psychic Knight has a unique aura capable of merging into different dimensions with ease. As he fights for justice, his aim is to protect the weak. A Psychic Knight will sometimes wander the world, like a gypsy showing up in times of strife, using the intensity of his spiritual focus to aid others. Have you ever experienced someone who puts you to the front of the queue, who steps in between quarrelling fractions, who says a special word that comforts you in times of challenge? He could be that stranger on a train you pour your heart out to, the young earth warrior standing at the front of the peace manifestation, the Green hero, battling to save the dolphins, the fact is the Psychic Knight comes in many guises, shape and forms and often has a refined knowledge of the ways of the world, knowing the spiritual secrets of existence, that he is not that prone to reveal to others. In days of Yore the Psychic Knight was Sir Galahad fighting to save the maiden from an evil dragon. Today he will probably still have access to supernatural abilities, yet if not, he will certainly maintain an abiding faith in Spirit. He will hold his tongue and speak less to understand more. He will not fight evil with conventional weapons; his tactics are love and peace.

Famous Psychic Knight Figures

Morpheus a key character in the film The Matrix could be classified as an archetypal Psychic Knight. He and his followers fought to release humanity from the grip of delusion, and the machines that enslaved them. Martin Luther King was a Psychic Knight of his day, facing death to release black people from prejudice and paying with his own life in the process. The fire fighters who flung themselves into the Twin Towers to rescue the dying were, and still are Psychic Knights. We cannot conceive of such heroism, and this is one of the traits of the Psychic Knight, the capacity to reach for the highest point and face death for a cause. They will always exceed our expectations, and lead us forward in times of challenge. In short they rescue us from ourselves! They are the true heroes of any day, the knife wielding gang leader might consider himself heroic but he is nothing but an evil freak compared to the pure resoluteness and goodness of the Psychic Knight.

Ordinary Psychic Knights

Sometimes a Psychic Knight is an ordinary person shutting up and getting on with it through thick and thin. There is nothing “flashy” about a Psychic Knight; his view of serving humanity far outweighs his need for acclaim. His ego is small his Spirit is immense. Mikhail Gorbachev stood up to untold dangers to free Russia from a narrow perspective, and alter the direction of global history, his accomplishment is unsung by his own countrymen. The Ultimate Psychic Knight, the King of all Psychic Knights was Jesus of Nazareth. He is still the blue print of all those whose only reason for living is to save humanity. His mission was to teach love, and although his fate was both tragic and sublime, his Holy Name is constantly on our lips, his presence seeping out culture. Sometimes misunderstood, cruelly maligned he too was a humble Psychic Knight fighting the money lenders and standing up to Roman oppression.

A Psychic Knight can be female, and sometimes even more courageous than their male counterparts. Shirin Abadi is an Iranian Psychic Knight fighting for children’s and women’s rights and free speech Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is an archetypal Psychic Knight standing up to the oppressive Burmese regime. She has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for her sacrifice. The extraordinary inner resources that help her stand interminable imprisonment are nothing less than awesome. She continues to get under the skin of evil men and is currently facing prison yet again. Igoberta Mench is a Maya Quich Indian who also won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work on behalf of Guatemala’s Indian peoples. She has been forced to live in exile because of threats on her life, but she continues to battle for the oppressed folks she loves and stands by through thick and thin. Mother Teresa put aside her own life for the lives of the poor, sick and oppressed. Princess Diana was on the way to becoming a standard bearer for Aids Victims and those who had no voice. Sometimes Psychic Knights are our new age healers, our soothsayers and psychics, our mediums and astrologers. Because when they operate from the highest perspective, which is to help their fellow man, they join the ranks of the Psychic Knight. As they stand up to the criticism of the status quo, as they detach themselves from those who fake and delude the public, they are standing up for free expression and the right of any human being to comfort and sustain another.

The list of Psychic Knights is endless, but one thing is certain, as out of the ordinary as they are, they are basically no different from us. It is just that they choose Spirit, Love, Sacrifice and Truth as their only reason for living. Their aim is to stand by distinctive actions and always be ready to die for humanity’s evolution. Some work behind the scenes, others stand in the limelight, but only if it is to help others. They are loved and revered by the oppressed, the good, and the just. Bullies and tyrants hate them. Some say they are a first glimpse of a Golden Age that is yet to come. In fact in spiritual circles it is hoped that all of humanity will eventually transform into Psychic Knights. Now that is a dream to hang on to, don’t you think?