Live Psychic Reading

60508534questioningWhen will you meet your soul mate, when will your boyfriend call, does he/she love me and above all what was that UFO doing hovering over your prize geraniums, recently? All these questions might have you grasping at straws, but if you were to just pick up that mouse and swivel it over psychics on line, you might find a live psychic reading that suits you down to the ground and answers some of your concerns about scary ET’s!

But what types are these empaths who carry out the live psychic reading you are aiming for? Who is sitting at the other end of that line, tuning in via a crystal ball, tarot cards, a horoscope or numerology chart? And how can we know that the live psychic reading will change our mood, guide our way, lift our spirits and calm our fears about an imminent planetary invasion?

Various Websites

When we search for a live psychic reading we will find a myriad of websites offering tarot readers, astrologers, crystal readers, and I Ching consultants, all available for chat or phone readings and all with much experience. In fact, there are so many to choose from it might be hard to identify which website, and which psychic is best. The basic advice is that if we want to find a bona fide live psychic reading that fulfils our needs, we must check into a reputable company which will make sure its psychics are tested before they launch into a live psychic reading. Additionally, a well thought-of company will have a customer service department we can turn to if we found the reading unsatisfactory or if we want to continue to connect to a favourite psychic. Sometimes a company will even offer a series of special offers, enabling many who are unable to participate in a live psychic reading, due to material issues, to finally have their questions answered.

UFO Sightings Worldwide

But returning to your UFO angst. Most empaths and mediums who tune into a live psychic reading, will be able to explain what an UFO actually is and why more and more are appearing over our heads these days. There have been sightings in, to name but a few places, Scotland, Arizona USA, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Italy, practically every single country in the world in fact. In Moscow a huge pyramid shape was seen floating over the Kremlin and photographed. FleET’s, comprised of hundreds of UFOs have brazenly speeded their way across Mexico City and even followed some Mexican military planes, to the consternation of the pilots.

As the live psychic reading unfolds the clairvoyant will probably give you even more information about that UFO too. For example, that what you saw in your garden probably hailed from a benevolent star system in the Taurus constellation called the Pleiades, that the inhabitants of that particular corner of the universe are considered “lookers” tall, blonde, blue eyed, and extremely friendly. The women look like film stars and models. Certainly plastic surgery is not a “must have” as far as the Pleidians are concerned.

The Existence of ET’s

You might find it hard to believe these types of ET’s actually exist. The empath doing your live psychic reading might tell you, to shock even more, that she has experienced an Encounter of a Third Kind herself. She might not explain exactly what happened, but she will certainly ensure you know that when it comes to the Pleidians, they have been visiting earth for thousands of years, and their aim is to help humanity evolve. You might ask the consultant doing the live psychic reading why “the lookers” refrain from chipping in with their ET genius so that humanity picks itself off the proverbial floor. The psychic could chuckle over that question and as she continues with your live psychic reading, she could also tell you that no matter how odd it might seem, the whole of this universe is based on the use of free will. Only when we choose to walk away from negativity, can we save our lives and our planet. She let you know that as each person makes a bid for inner awareness and spiritual freedom, hostile energies will naturally disperse. She could insist that the UFOs, from the mini ones seen around crop circles to Mother Ships the size of football fields, are not hostile but rather guiding us to “clean up our act” on a personal and global level. So next time you feel like screeching at the boyfriend for not showing up when he said he would, change your attitude, act like a Pleidian, tall, blonde, gorgeous and wise. Knock him for six in other words!

All well and good you think but the sight of that huge ball of light taking off into sky, and forcing your scaredy cat Pinkie to hide under the cupboard for two days, still leaves you perplexed. Perhaps you should try another live psychic reading to find out which planet you are from!