Free Future Readings

39166277billworryFree Future readings are a great and cheap option if you want to get through a bad day fast. Even though those free future readings are usually computerized, you don’t care, because you are the kind of person who does not shy off metaphysical encouragement when the road looks like it is one way! You might have decided to go for free future readings because you suffer chronic anxiety when you stare at the pile of bills on the mantelpiece, you might feel you are not living life the way you really want to. Perhaps you just do not understand why you are continually having problems, and current obstacles just will not go away. You wonder why life is so hard, and if you can do anything magical to change that.

So yes free future readings, even if mechanized , could make you feel much better. But there is another way to positivity also. That way is prayer! Yes, simple down to earth prayer will ease your life. Any psychic you talk to when you go for the free future readings options, will be pleased to tell you that prayer is a powerful force. Studies have proven prayers shift our consciousness to another dimension, a dimension where miracles can occur. As we pray we are no longer caught up in the grip of material confusion and difficulties. We lift our vision “out of the doldrums” if you like.

Personal Belief

There are several ways we can utilize prayer to help us. The first is opening up our minds. We need to cultivate the type of mind that believes in miracles, that knows no matter how challenging a situation, we don’t need to live in fear. We might need to realise that prayer does not contradict those free future readings though, realise that going for metaphysical answers is not deviating from any becausemic law or morality. The power of prayer goes beyond differences of religious opinion, it is non denominational for starters. All religions have their way of reaching out to God. Petitioning a prayer, means asking for liberation from fears and doubts, asking for Divine Intervention You might be one of those people who will make a request to the Divine only when you are in a dire emergency. But know that just one heartfelt prayer will almost immediately lift you out of the doldrums if you let it


Affirmative prayer reaches up to your concept of “All that is!” You will concentrate on the good things, and see the glass half full rather than half empty. You will realize that there is beauty to your life, and as you connect to these positive, high level thoughts within, things will start to slowly work out day to day. As you pray you feel gratitude and joy, even if it seems like “nothing” good is happening in your life. You will even start seeing infinitely in a “grain of sand” as the poem goes, realise how beautiful everything is, even how having a drink with mates is fun and a life affirming action. You will start to enjoy the simple things, your home, stroking your cat, or your favourite meal, and as you enjoy what you have and give thanks to God, your fortune will increase, rather than decrease. You will stop saying “nothing good ever happens to me”.

Silent prayer means literally connecting to the God force. As you pray, you see a cord of white light descending from the universe and passing through the top of your head into your core centre. This light shines so bright it burns up your limitations and fears

Prayer is an “inclusive” metaphysical mechanism. It adds on to everything you do. In fact as you say a little prayer before going for those free future readings options on line, you will find that the way the cards fall, even if computerized, will open out different ways of seeing more into the answers you are given. Yes, prayer is indeed a wonderful gift, and we all need to learn to use it!