Psychic Tarot Card Reading

7729435candletrioCarl Jung

Happen to find yourself in just the right place at the right time? Needed information for a project and there it was, appearing in a newspaper that you would not normally buy, but just did by chance? Carl Jung the renowned psychologist described these events as synchronistic and they are the kind of events a psychic tarot card reading can describe well. How, you ask, was it possible that your recent psychic tarot card reading told you that your car would break down in the high street, with a queue of seething motorists behind you and that you would meet your soul mate as a result?

Nah you say, “pull the other one!”

But the fact is, any empath doing your psychic tarot card reading will tell you that tarot “talks”. If you take the symbology of each tarot card, for example and combine it with a number and its archetype, the result could be a graphic metaphysical emblem of a particular life condition that shows up in the form of an unexpected event.

But what is your attitude towards synchronistic events anyway? In other words, you pushed your broken car to the nearest look-alike Brad Pitt car mechanic, and he turned out to be your soul mate just as the empath said he would. Would you feel creeped-out? Would you call the clairvoyant who recently did your psychic tarot card reading on line, and in a trembling voice screech “you were right?”

You might not even believe in a psychic tarot card reading as a matter of principal, you might be the kind of person who only believes what they see, who never goes by first impressions, who is super attentive when it comes to making quick choices. We are not all addicted to mystery, we do not all possess amazing intuition and an understanding of the metaphysical forces that condition universal happenings!

But, like it or not, a psychic tarot card reading will usually bounce of those mystery vibes and could even describe a “sudden” quirk of fate, “a unique destiny”, “a passionate love story!” “A lottery win” etc or even the fact that you will walk out the door, and bump into someone who will make you the most famous top model in history, alla “Naomi Campbell”.


So is everything destiny then? Are we all earmarked by an inevitable fate, and nothing we can do will change it? Does, in other words “Synchronicity rule the world?” Well, most empaths who tune into your psychic tarot card reading will tell you no, it is not exactly like that, even though yes, there are moments in life when things “just happen!” She will also attempt to explain to you that something called “free will” is more than likely to create the destiny you seek. But the psychic who really digs your psychic tarot card reading will also tell you there is still a tiny margin of “inevitable synchronicity” and that margin will turn your life from dross to gold when you least expect it! Now, there you go, that is what makes “all things metaphysical” so much fun!