The Healing Magic Of Dolphins

34850238dolphinsWhat makes dolphins fascinate us as we watch them leap out of the water with that perpetual smile on their faces? Well they are so friendly, communicative, and social. They touch and caress us with their presence and play. We are overcome, sometimes with joy sometimes with utter delight. They symbolize so much to us, perhaps because they mirror the hidden positive emotions we long to express. They reside in the deepest oceans, which represent our collective unconscious and they communicate with magical sounds that mirror our spiritual natures. Dolphins live to be free, they do not ask themselves endless questions as they dance around the oceans, they just offer humour and their healing presence. Their grace and playful relationship with humanity makes them a living miracle. Dolphins have also been known to save swimmers from sharks. A famous case in Australia was that of the surfer Todd Endris who was encircled by Dolphins who came to his aid and blocked a shark attack.


Dolphins also sustain abuse victims, depressives or traumatized children. Centres have been formed where people can get into close proximity with these loving creatures and swim with them. You might ask how Dolphins can help such hurt individuals? Well, what occurs between human beings and Dolphins has something to do with alpha brain waves. Experiments carried out by a Dr Herbert Kong show that the alpha wave forms a resonance pattern that balances right and left-brain hemispheres. Unsurprisingly, we connect to alpha brain waves when we play with Dolphins but disconnect from its balancing powers in urban areas, crowded tube trains, etc. Our unnatural surroundings can stimulate severe emotional distress. Certainly, the image of leaping through the waves on the back of a Dolphin will stimulate the right and left-brain hemispheres. The sound a Dolphin emanates calms the soul and balances the central nervous system too. Experiments carried out by the Aquathought Foundation show that Dolphin “clicking” sounds stimulate brain frequencies that can heal human cells and tissue. Perhaps because the Dolphin helps us connect to our positive emotions and show us that life is a game, we too can learn to live in the moment and understand our deeper, more positive natures. “Swimming with Dolphins can clear the human energy field!” according to Dr Kong and the Aquathought Foundation, but the experience also allows us to understand these wonderful creatures and enter the mysteries of their aquatic world.


Swimming off the Florida Coast, Heather got into the water with dolphins and the experience left her breathless especially when a mother Dolphin and her calf swam right up close to nuzzle her. Some people who swim with Dolphins sense the love emanating off these glorious creatures. Aquathoughts research programme proved Dolphins are able to project telepathically and think in multidimensional holographic waves. They see the world as the “big picture” and totally identify with their pod, unaware what “separation” actually means. Interestingly, aware spiritual beings and highly developed Psychics and Empaths use similar thought processes to Dolphins to access knowledge and spiritual understanding. The trick is to develop the right brain, and non-linear aspects of human consciousness.

Katryn Lavanture describes her own initiation to Dolphin consciousness. “I wasn’t always drawn to Dolphins, not until my early 30’s when I did feel a pull to see what they were all about. It began when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I started having dreams that Dolphins were swimming up to the side of my bed and resting their heads on it, looking at me. One day, I ended up in a metaphysical bookstore while I was pregnant, looking for music to listen to during labour. I was inexplicably drawn to a tape that had dolphin sounds on it mixed with a foetal heartbeat and low chanting. I asked the owner to play it and after the first minute or so of music I burst into tears – something I NEVER do in public” Kathryn gave birth to her first daughter after that and even though she had never swam with a Dolphin she sensed the truth of their “tenderness” and love for humanity and it moved her to her core. Perhaps if we choose to experience swimming with a Dolphin we will also be moved to our cores and never be the same again. Certainly we will become better people.