Accurate Medium


Accurate Medium

An accurate medium will be aware of the “dark side”, for she could not be involved in the paranormal, if she ignored both the truth of the “Mystery”, and the “Sacred Plan”. What we experience as “life” vibrates on multifarious energy levels. Some we see, others are hidden from view. The accurate medium is as aware of this truth, as she is of the powers of good and evil. She also understands that evil, although terrifying, eventually destroys itself. One could say the consequences of evil build into a self-perpetuating mental hell.


Wikipedia refers to evil as” limited to doing harm or damage to an object or creature”. Socrates argued that what we call evil is merely ignorance! An accurate medium would stand by that viewpoint as well as that of the famous thinker and psychotherapist, Carl Jung. Jung pointed out that we ourselves deny we have evil tendencies, even though it is evident we have all thought negatively and on occasions have created harm to another, sometimes not realizing it, which in of itself is ignorance, not evil. Consciousness of one’s actions is what inevitably draws the line between good and evil!

Wikipedia mentions that Anton LaVey, the founder of the modern Church of Satan, stated the word “evil” is “live” spelt backwards. Evil is indeed a vibrant force, those who perpetuate it feel empowered by it. However, from a metaphysical point of view, which our accurate medium will confirm, evil is a “stage” in the soul’s development, a stage that denotes denial of the power of love and the light of Spirit. When a person believes that the only way they can gain happiness is by dominating others and fixating on physical pleasures alone, they are often ready to succumb to evil forces. Without sincere faith in “The Light” and an understanding that each personal action is of vital importance to the evolution of our soul and the souls of others, we get lost in a mire of uselessness and hit out at life with empty actions. Little evils are ganging up on someone helpless, or spreading unkind rumours. And if only those who practiced Black Magic realised the danger their souls are in! Yet evil is never accountable unto itself, it rarely takes responsibility for the horrors of its actions and can even transform into an insidious energy lurking behind the face of the so called “well intentioned!” such as paedophile Irish priests.

Attitudes and Trends

Walking through life with “cut throat” attitudes initiates evil trends, so does the indifference of the “powers that be” to the suffering of those who die on the battle field, or of hunger, ignorance and disease. Governmental policies based on profit alone. Selling illegal arms, poisoning the environment and a heartless attitude to the aged and vulnerable is evil, as is seeing another human being as “wrong”, because they have a different opinion. In fact, the hard hearted could end up as terrorists and morph into evil beings at the “drop of a hat!”

The banality of evil is oft referred to, for example, the Nazi civil servant, Eichmann who helped organize the extermination camps in Hitler’s Germany would never have thought of his actions as evil. He was acting on behalf of the “Fatherland” and a perverse perception of racial purity. But he was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents and his soul will be accountable. For what we perceive as ending in death, is but eternal life, and Spirit is with us unceasingly! We remain forever beholden to The Divine Plan and we must measure our actions in its light!


But the upside of evil is that good men are willing to fight against it. Think Martin Luther King, he could be referred to as a “Warrior of Light” standing up to the evils of racism. Think Mother Teresa, picking up the poor and dying from the Calcutta streets; she was denying the evil of indifference. The man who calls the bigoted, the racist, the homophobic, the paedophile, the bully to account, sometimes laying his own life on the line in that process, is an example of how evil always plays into the hands of the good.

Nothing can remain unnoticed in the Divine Plan, everything must be accounted for this is the Law of Karma. Evil can lurk where it might not be seen, as can good. It takes spiritual evolution to know the difference. As an accurate medium reaches out into the infinite, her own precious soul brings into vision those who have left our side. She goes beyond evil then, for she seeks the love of light alone! She knows that all can be healed in that light, even the darkest depths of a depraved soul! That is her hope, that is her mission!