Psychic Services

83938052menuUnder the umbrella of psychic services, we discover a vast repertoire of healing, empathic and gifted individuals who have made it their life’s mission to connect not only to the invisible forces but to society’s narrow perspectives on the metaphysical They often face difficulties presenting their paranormal perspectives to the world, especially to those in the mainstream scientific contingent. Dean Radin is one of those people who go “where angels fear to tread” when it comes to the “unexplained” facet’s of human existence!

Dean Radin

Dean Radin was your archetypal child genius and told the Conscious Media Network that he had always wondered about life’s deeper questions, like “”Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” Dean won a PhD in psychology, a degree in electrical engineering and an honours degree in physics and is an accomplished concert violinist too! He had absolutely no difficulty in studying the metaphysical, may be because since he was a kid he wanted to understand what created “the nature of reality?” He was and is, certain that how we think changes how other people think and that every thought, good or bad, creates a vibration. If you walk around angry you will make everyone angry Dean says. If you see the world as beautiful and loving it will respond giving you loving and beautiful experiences. This is because there is a piece of everyone within you! or in other words, an “entanglement of consciousness” as per the quantum theory. So Dean Radin would actually encourage us to use psychic services, because his perspective is that we need to open our minds to new possibilities and human potential.

Dean is one of those incredibly gifted new scientists, visionaries who chat about quantum computers over their morning coffee, and wonder how their “astounding inventions” will transform our future lives. Dean is always ready to take risks as he ventures into the unknown, without worrying about people’s judgments of his “psychic research”. However, having been a child genius, and highly educated within the mainstream educational process gives him ascertain “kudos”. He is still well aware that “thinking outside the box” gets him criticized by the mainstream scientific fraternity. But he has always realized the power of spiritual and psychic services from an early age and has researched sacred texts, such as the Vedas, to understand links to archetypes and myths within mass consciousness. For example, what draws us to ask psychics, mediums, telepaths, clairvoyants, etc for help and their psychic services! He wanted to perceive metaphysical phenomena from another perspective in other words. He wanted to understand why people consulted psychic services in the first place, plus his own interest in them. He was prepared to ignore the derision that resulted from experimenting with reality in a totally different way to the status quo.


Anyone who chooses a spiritual path and joins that vanguard of metaphysical folks who believe in the value of psychic services, will accept the challenges and look deep within their own hearts to “entangle” their consciousness. As we referred to above, “entanglement” is a Quantum Physics perception of reality, too complex and involved to describe in a few words here. But could we be so bold as to deduce empathy could describe “entanglement” to some degree and perhaps entanglement could be even more, perhaps it could be a “cellular” empathy. Science has proved “entanglement” experiments with enzymes, ions and atoms. The outcome, or proof could be that “we are all one” and a long distance healing booked through psychic services works because we “merge” or “entangle” with the psychic herself and take part in her own mystical experience?.


Scientists are now saying that the human brain is an antenna that can pull in or emanate energy at the same time. This fact has been proved with telepathic experiments undertaken in bona fide laboratories in the USA. But many of us remain totally unaware of the huge amount of research into psychic services. When we get a reading and the psychic does not tune into us, we tend to wave our hand in the air and say it is “all a con”. Many psychics have been made a laughing stock on the TV and the media frequently mocks those who use psychic services. But the fact remains, numerous laboratory tests carried out on remote viewers, empaths, clairvoyants and mediums have been proved valid in laboratory conditions. We could join the mainstream, Newtonian contingent and say everything must be proved. New Physics would agree with that statement however, because without “proof” nothing can exist, but we need to be aware that mainstream science is basing its “truth” on 17th century perceptions and that in the meantime, psychic services are being authenticated by a more advanced scientific perception, namely quantum mechanics, conceived by a vanguard of scientific mavericks and joined by geniuses such as Dean Radin!