63293978reikiWhat Does Reiki Mean?

Just for today do not anger, do not worry, be filled with gratitude, devote yourself to your work and be kind to others. That simple phrase encapsulates Reiki philosophy. Translated Reiki means, “Rei” universal energy and “Ki” individual energy. Universal energy is channelled through the healer into the individual energy field of the patient through the use of sublime symbols that can calm, heal and strengthen an individual.

Many of us have already heard of Reiki, a Japanese healing system initiated by Dr. Mikao Usui. His miraculous discovery was instigated by his personal crisis. Usui’s life was falling apart. He travelled to the Holy Mountain of Kuruma in Japan to begin spiritual exercises, including fasting and meditating. It was during this period of self-healing that he received the miraculous Reiki healing gift. The energy manifested from “the heavens” through intricate, light filled symbols that entered Dr Usui’s crown Chakra and flowed into his soul and personal energy field. These symbols held such immense powers they would heal Dr Usui’s life and the lives of many others. A system that would instigate spiritual healing throughout the world had begun.

Mrs. Hawayo Takata

Reiki healing was eventually brought to the west by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata lived in Hawaii, where she had been left a young widow. She worked hard to bring up her two children developing a Tumour and Gallstones in the process. Just before her operation, a mystical voice said, “The operation is not necessary!” She was shocked, as it seemed to be coming from a higher plane of consciousness. She got up from the operating table and asked the doctor if he could recommend anything else that would help her. The surprised doctor told her about the Reiki clinic in Japan. She managed to acquire funds to visit the clinic and was treated for four months, consistently amazed by the heat emanating from the Reiki healers’ hands. She met Dr. Hayashi during her healing process, a retired naval officer who had personally received the Reiki Master initiation/atonement from Dr. Usui himself. Dr Hayashi had expanded on Reiki protocol, and included particular hand positions. He subsequently created a healing system communicated through atonements, or initiations, which he called Usui Reiki. After obtaining their first Usui Reiki Degree, the student would learn Reiki II and III, each degree a communication of even more powerful healing symbols. In the spring of 1936, Mrs. Takata received first degree Reiki and one year later second. She established a Reiki healing centre in Hawaii and initiated twenty-two western Reiki Masters before she passed on in 1980. The system spread rapidly and is now an affordable healing technique that anyone can learn.

Reiki Healers have been partially integrated into the medical system. The George Washington University Hospital in the US created a 24-week Reiki pilot programme where Reiki healers helped nursing staff ease patient’s distress. The patients were offered free Reiki sessions before invasive medical investigations, and the scheme proved beneficial to both patients and nursing staff alike.

During a session, Reiki symbols are not only used to de-stress the physical body and central nervous system, but to bring prosperity and love into our lives. One of the healing symbols works on emotional unbalances. Another can ease financial stress, as well as enhance affirmation and visualization programmes. Many Empaths, Mediums and Psychics use Reiki in their practice to help ease clients’ anxieties and support their emotional growth.

True Story

Jennifer felt she would never fulfil her deepest need, which was to enjoy a loving relationship. Her Psychic Amanda, practiced a series of Reiki sessions on her over a three-month period, concentrating on her heart chakra, the area that “digests and externalizes” love and deep emotions. Jennifer began to feel better after the first session, but her situation improved even more after a few weeks. Her angst began to slowly dissipate and soon Jennifer was feeling far more confident and trusting. Needless to say, within six months she had started a new and positive relationship.

Our Empath will always ask our permission before she sends us Reiki’s healing rays. She knows that Reiki is a gift to humanity, a light that eases suffering and make us better people, but she also knows only we can choose to receive it. Paolo Coelho, famous author of The Alchemist writes “No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people’s eyes, to reveal the marvels around!” That light could be described as Reiki, because Reiki can indeed open our eyes, to “reveal the marvels around!”