Pet Psychic Sonia

41832933rabbitHow much joy our pets give us! The sweet little face of a beloved pet cat that “meows” unconditional love with disarming innocence melts our hearts like ice in the sun. The funny exploits of an enthusiastic dog jumping up and down when its beloved owner comes home is more than heart-warming. The heroic pet trained to walk the blind, or accompany a lonely senior citizen is also a true miracle of nature. So when we see our favourite pet suffering or acting out neurotically, we wish they could speak to us and tell us what the matter is. At those times we reach out for a pet psychic, we want to ask why “Mitzie the cat” continues to purr madly. Is it with pain, joy or grief? What is she thinking? What would she say if she could speak to us?

Pet Psychic Sonya

Pet Psychic Sonya is a beloved US pet psychic, who was brought up England but now lives in Houston with her husband her four cats (Abbie, Dante, Molly and Polly) and seven dogs (Daisy, Foxy, Honey, Elle, Sally, Sabrina and Sammy).

Pet psychic Sonia always had an intuitive relationship with animals. As a child she adored her three geese so much that when her father killed them for Christmas dinner, not only was she grief stricken she became aware that other people did not feel such profound love for animals as she did. Her adoration for the furry, toothy, barking, meowing, feathered, screeching, growling, chirping and snorting citizens of our planet is so profound that when they ache or go through a sad time she feels their misery deep within her heart and soul.

Sonya’s Background

Pet psychic Sonya is beautiful woman, and ex model who moved from London to the United States in the 1990s. She now communicates with animals to help their owners understand why Bonzo chews the furniture, bites the postman, pees on the Persian carpet and whines when the phone rings? How can pet psychic Sonya do this? Well she has an inborn gift. She also had a personal spiritual experience that cleared up the aforementioned childhood blockages regarding the death of her beloved geese.

Pet psychic Sonya is an animal advocate. All pet psychics are. Sonya’s profound connection to the feelings and thoughts of an animal make her balk at the injustices committed against them. Cruelty to animals, she might say, is all the more intolerable because animals are dumb and cannot defend themselves. They are at the mercy of their owners, and those who train dogs to kill could be classified as the cruellest of all, simply because a dog will only attack when a series of complex events takes place. Sonya rescues and helps animals through her own personal foundation GOALS “Gift Of Animal Life Sanctuary.” She was also featured on the documentary “To love or kill – Man Versus Animal”. Pet psychic Sonya also stands by animal sanctuaries and organizations such as the RSPCA.

Where do animals go when they die?

A fan of pet psychic Sonya once asked her “Where do animals go when they die?

Sonya answered “There are worlds within worlds when we pass over. Our spirits and our souls leave the physical body and we go on to the spiritual realm. We don’t die, we go home. The same with animals, we all journey home. We’re all spiritual beings, having an animal and human experience. It’s only the physical body that dies. The consciousness goes on. The spirit travels on.”

The idea of meeting our favourite, long lost pet in heaven fills the heart with pure joy. Janice, for example, lost her dog Rusty in a terrible car accident. She was so heartbroken; she has never had another dog in her life. Recently she saw a little stray cat amongst the rubbish and took it home. The cat and Janice adored each other at first glance. Janice now spends a fortune on cat baby sisters to make sure adored “Little Mitzie” is not left alone when she has to go away. Now that demonstrates true love and dedication to another living thing. And since love is what we have come to this planet to learn, we can only acknowledge the beautiful creatures who teach us. The creatures we worry about them, spend money on them, and adore unconditionally. Yes indeed, our four legged companions, in fact any animal companion, are our teachers! Most pet psychics will tell you that, including pet psychic Sonya!