Clairvoyant Psychic Reading

36922477spiritWhy a Clairvoyant Psychic?


A clairvoyant psychic reading inspires us, helps us to evolve. Perhaps when we initially connect to a clairvoyant psychic reading we feel our world is upside down. Perhaps in the process of making big decisions we hope a clairvoyant psychic reading will guide us to something more inspiring. However, when we opt for a clairvoyant psychic reading we might be unaware that the psychic has often followed her own spiritual path, which does not just entail connecting to extrasensory perceptions but includes a profound spiritual search, whereby she sought a link in with her inner light. In that process she might have received counsel from her own spirit and angelic guides, who could be considered the go-betweens, the bridge that connects her to All That Is often through meditation and self searching.

A number of well known psychics, first connected to their gifts when they realised that something was missing from their lives and what was missing was love, that feeling we are not alone, that there is something else within and around us that gives us strength in times of confusion. Call that something Spirit, God or All that is but it is palpable to many, even though they would not classify themselves as religious. Therefore, a clairvoyant psychic reading is not just about ESP, but the empath’s capacity to access loving hearts, and the healing energies within them.

In order to channel a positive reading, psychics seek a divine contact. Their purpose is to access open heartedness, evolution, even an acceleration of energetic frequencies that connect them to “God Energy”. It is the empath’s purpose to share her own sense of divinity with her client. Some psychics define that divinity as God.

Religion has taught us to categorize our spiritual belief systems but if we want to stretch our sights and access spiritual knowledge, if we want to get closer to the angels guiding us, perhaps we need to seek answers to the mysteries of life, “God” or whatever we wish to call that “Absolute Divine Energy” with dedication.

Juliet Nightingale


Juliet Nightingale, who has now sadly passed on, certainly had an alternate vision of Spirit, the kind of vision a psychic accesses when she undertakes a clairvoyant psychic reading. Juliet referred to her afterlife experience, due to terminal cancer, when she was interviewed on the Conscious Radio Network. She described the experience as a gift that opened out her perceptions of reality forever. Juliet saw mainstream concepts of “reality” as defiled by reason, that the truth is educated out of us. She claimed that her near death experience confirmed there is indeed a heavenly place, where only exquisite love exists. Juliet never feared death because she had already connected to a multi dimensional plane where the soul continues to evolve. As a result of her near death experiences, Juliet helped people know the truth of divine love and understand that it is within us all already. She has left memories of her beautiful spirit behind her now, but to this day her broadcasts comfort and inspire people, indeed the term “life after death” would not go amiss when we hear the miracle of Juliet’s voice over the networks.

When a psychic accesses “Spirit” through a clairvoyant psychic reading, they bypass our “everyday” perceptions and connect to that deep peace within us all. A clairvoyant psychic reading helps us become aware that we are more that our physical body, thus helping us evolve, not only towards positive life choices, but an awareness of the beauty of our spirit and our unique mission on this earth.