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Those interested in the metaphysical would have to be blind not to realize there is something “supernatural” going on, on planet earth. Mr. Robert Young from Australia would be the first to tell you humanity is transforming. A new awareness is growing, one that fits into our global evolution . Some of us would say we would have to tune into a free horoscope to acquire that type of metaphysical knowledge leading to evolution, but in Robert’s case, instead of tuning into his free horoscope, he tuned into a car accident! In fact, he was totally unaware of the more subtle types of energies in his life before that accident. He claims to have been a very “straight” guy not given to strange musings.

During Alan Steinfeld’s on line interview with Robert, Robert stated he literally transformed after that shocking accident. He was an engineer before it, and still is. He designs electrical projects. “Normal” could have been Alan’s second name, may be because he was a “drinking in the pub” type of guy, who hung out with his mates, the kind of guy who could have done with a free horoscope now and then, to expand his rather closed view of reality. But his life was about to change.

During his accident Robert travelled down a light vortex, where an angelic doctor and nurse stemmed the flow of blood as he lay there dying. When the ambulance came nobody could understand how he had survived, the car had been smashed in two and the front driving seat had broken through the front window. But could a free horoscope have foretold his head on collision on an Australian motorway, and his brush with life after death? Perhaps yes, even though, as we said, Young was the type of guy who would not have paid much attention to a free horoscope or any spiritual areas of life.

Robert suffered severe brain damage, he says “when I look back I can see why things happened.” His life had to change, but it took him five years to get over the brain damage. In desperation, he went into the Australian bush and connected to the trees and even communicated with them! Certainly his mates down the pub would have reached for the creme de menthe if they could have seen those beautiful trees healing Alan’s broken energy field, and passing their subtle communications to him via, as Robert says, “a fine mist”. Robert would assimilate that mist into his very being. As a result he learnt that every human being is protected by a natural becausemic law, and as we suffer traumas and difficulties healing energies help us to ride our “spiritual bikes” to resolution and illumination.



Spirituality is available to each human being by choice according to Robert. Nothing can be discarded in that learning process. A free horoscope would be part of divine spirituality too it would integrate the concept of life on a “higher level”. Astrological analysis of a deeper reality sustains universal energy flow, as the individual is able to connect to becausemic laws that allow the divine to integrate. According to Robert, we need to have the confidence to remove the filters that protect us from universal truth. As we release these filters higher concepts imitate the more beautiful things of this world. Becoming one with a butterfly or a rose will bring the beauty of their beingness into our personal world. Robert says that “We need to merge with nature and want the best for others, to see them grow and flower”

When it comes to a free horoscope, we could programme ourselves to “copy” the better aspects of our sun sign, whether we be Leo, Virgo or Scorpio, in our energy fields. We can connect to our astrological map and learn from it. Certain aspects of universal, astrological reality can interface with sections of our personal universe in a purely trusting and loving way. A Free horoscope, a healing, or higher knowledge makes use of the Creator’s gifts to us. .

Robert says that when we arrive on planet earth “we are given two worlds, a play world, and the world of the Creator!” He says “the play world is the world we live in everyday. It is the world we are responsible for.” In the Creator’s world love protects us from the difficulties of life. In the Creator’s love one is never alone, but we have to allow ourselves to step into that world, to reach out for it and decide that it is the only energy that cannot harm us and where we can feel totally in tune with eternal love.

The miracle of Robert’s “transformation” after the accident astounds even him. Now he has become an illumined individual and a spokesperson for spiritual transformation and its power. From Robert’s experience we can learn that one of the challenges of any horoscope, including a free horoscope, is to merge with the goodness of our star sign, rather than struggling against the negative characteristics within it. Robert says our brains can directly connect with the source. As we merge with it, we feel divine energy building around our heads. Once that happens, the divine is fed back to us automatically. But we need to reach out for it, to trust it, and realise that beyond the atom, there is nothing other than light!

Robert’s view of life is totally optimistic. He states people no longer need to hear about their negativities but connect to the goodness of their inner selves. So next time you ask for a free horoscope, make sure it is a positive read and distracts you from the negative! Because the positive is the Creator’s world, and it is where our happiness reigns!