Free Divination On Line

34865642stonesWhat inspires someone to seek Free Divination On Line? Perhaps the stress of everyday life, perhaps the confusion felt by challenging events that are manifesting thicker and faster in this troubled world? The fact is Free Divination On Line can be an interesting temporary tool to use when we are feeling down at heart, somewhat deluded and have no intention of spending our hard earned cash on a true Psychic reading.

But could Free Divination On Line be a ruse, or a way we stop ourselves from evolving? Could we he avoiding an honest take, a long and hard look at our life issues by becoming addicted to Free Divination On Line readings, which, it has to be said can be limited in interpretation, and rather low on the Richter Scale when it comes to comfort and communication? (We all know computers don’t answer back, unless programmed to do so). What we do know is that some of the Free Divination On Line readings work and some don’t. Certainly a Free Divination On Line can give us funny, exciting, encouraging and even scary answers to questions as to why Johnny did not call, why our financial situation looks increasingly grim and when will we hear about the job we so yearn for? Is a Free Divination On Line really the solution to our more serious problems? Only when taken with a pinch of salt in our view.

Self Healing

We counsel a touch of self-healing might be of use, especially before we dive into a Free Divination On Line session. How and why we hear you cry? Well you could say a little prayer of protection now and then to connect to the good of the universe. You could also energize a pink Quartz crystal to heal all that emotional disappointment and project a beautiful energy that attracts a new lover into your life. In fact you could use a Quartz crystal to manifest not only the perfect lover but also a great job by cleansing it with salt water and then energizing it with your vision of future success before placing it on your mantelpiece so its invisible rays imbue the atmosphere with positive vibes.

At this point, you might ask, in that case is Destiny really written in a stone or a crystal? Certainly, a capacity to realize we have some say in our future is. The Secret, an incredibly successful online DVD and bestselling book explains that thought is creative and once we understand the Law of Attraction within our consciousness we can manifest practically anything we want into our lives. “Intent”, “Energy” and “Higher Awareness” are a magical threesome that far outweigh Free Divination On Line sessions, and move us into a more profound understanding of the world in which we decided to incarnate, for want of better words!

So where do Numerology, card readings, Astrology and Psychic readings come into things then? As complicated as all this sounds, we still place them in .the “Destiny” box. The answer is yes to “Fate”. It does work its plan through our lives, and it does have a tendency to manifest in the good and bad, and yes often what a Psychic sees playing through future events is indeed Karma. However, prayer, meditation, energizing a crystal or writing down affirmations can greatly defuses a negative situation. In fact, as we learn to work with energy, we become far more aware of the subtleties pervading our lives, and the trials and tribulations become easier to understand and resolve. As a result we suss out whether we are in a good or bad situation far faster, and take just the right action to untie that “Karmic knot””. So yes, enjoy Free Divination On Line, but take it with a pinch of salt, and even if the outcome shows up as grim, realize that you still have the capacity to change it, and perhaps even disbelieve it! But to really understand what is going on, an in-depth life analysis with an Astrologer or professional Psychic will really help you suss out the Karmic “wood from the trees”. Difficult to face up to? Oh, come on, on give it a go!