Psychic Powers

30454422carcrashSir Alec Guinness and James Dean

Psychic powers can manifest in extraordinary ways. For one of the greatest actors of all time, psychic powers came when to him when he least expected them to. Sir Alec Guinness talked about his frightening premonition regarding the famed Hollywood actor James Dean on the “Parkinson Show”.

On my very first night in Hollywood, he told Parkinson, “I met James Dean.”

Grace Kelly had come to meet me at the airport, but later that evening I was alone. A woman I knew phoned up and said ‘let me take you out to dinner’. But as she was wearing trousers they wouldn’t let her in the smart restaurants. It was the fifties, so social mores were somewhat different from today. We were trying to get into a popular Italian restaurant but could not find a table. I then heard feet running towards us and it was James Dean. He said ‘will you come and join me for dinner at my table. Before we go in I must show you something, I just got a new car?’ And there in the courtyard was a very smart silver racing car with a bunch of roses tied to its bonnet. I said ‘how fast can you drive?’ He said ‘I can do 150 miles per hour’ and when he said that, some strange thing” came over me, almost a different voice spoke through me. I said, ‘please do not get into that car’. I looked at my watch, ‘it is now Thursday evening, but by next Thursday evening you will be dead if you get into that car!’. We had a charming dinner but he was dead the next week on that following Thursday afternoon to be exact.” In fact the death of the mythical actor James Dean was a shock around the world.

9/11 Prediction

In June 1986, an eerie prediction was made by a military “long distance viewer”. Long distance viewers have unusually distinct psychic powers, but this prediction had been kept top secret until recently. The prediction describes the events of 9/11 almost twenty years before they took place:

Newspaper headlines have something to do with the collapse of a building. A lot of people are hurt or injured. I also sense a feeling of panic. People scrambling and something to do with an aircraft. In summary, standing on top of a building which is crowded inside with people, and tourists, there is a perception of a large object heading towards the building. It is travelling at great velocity and is very dense. There is a high pitched whining sound from the object. I sense this object causes structural damage as it crashes through the building. All of this takes place sometime in the future.

Nina Kulagina

One of the most intriguing empaths with staggering psychic powers was a certain Nina Kulagina. In this case such psychic powers are called “Telekinesis”. They were documented and filmed by the KGB, which were the Former Soviet Union’s Secret Service. The footage shows Nina focusing her will on objects of over one pound in weight and moving them around very easily. The electromagnetic energy emanating out of her was greatly amplified when she concentrated, in fact she was able to achieve unheard of metaphysical feats. Again, much of this footage has been kept top secret. The KGB did not want Nina Kulagina to either defect, her be bought up by a foreign government, so the footage has only been recently released. One can clearly see Nina being measured, tested and studied by Soviet researchers who also want to discover limits to her powers. Could she actually affect living tissue too, was their question? On March 10 1970 Soviet Researchers asked Nina to change the heartbeat of a frog! It was no problem for her. She could slow the heart beat down easily, and also speed it up on command! Again, this was well documented in filmed black and white footage. Her telekinetic power was beyond question at that time, but the eerie thing was she managed to actually stop the frog’s heart beating . Obviously the significance of this was very challenging! But one can only wonder what experiments are going on, as modern-day empaths work in cohorts with secret services around the world!

There are many cases that are not reported through mainstream media. But there is no doubt that psychic powers can be used for the good and if society had a more open minded perception of them, perhaps we could cultivate these gifts for the good of humanity. As long as we deny such capacities, psychics and empaths will take the back seat when in reality they are “the voice” of the future, a future where psychic powers will be but common place!