Astrological Star Signs


2010 Horoscope Forecasts

In 2010 Jupiter and Uranus are going for the “Big Latin Hug” (metaphorically speaking of course). So what does that mean for us “earthlings” and above all our astrological star signs? Well it means change even for “stick in the muds!” It means falling in love, winning at Bingo and realizing that we have come to this earth with a mission.

Virtually all astrological star signs will feel some “shift”, but of course you would have to discover exactly what that “shift” is by having a personal astro reading done. As the expert digs deep into your planetary aspects, you will be bound to cotton on that it is time for humanity to awaken to the call of Spirit and follow their Star!

The Italian Journal “Astra” lines up a few interesting insights as what is going to happen to our astrological star signs as Uranus of “sudden surprises”, dances “cheek to cheek” with lucky Jupiter!

Rome, Italy smoulders under Leo with a commanding roar. Beg to differ? This year nobody will differ with Leos. Leos can expect nothing less than spectacular events. Goodbye to the blues, time to have fun, Uranus and Jupiter will spin around Leo people at supersonic speeds, especially between June and August. In fact you could feel your souls launching into song. So pile that old dust into the rubbish bin, the hard times are over!

As far as exacting Virgos are concerned, a turnaround is on the cards, somewhat like a snake shedding its skin. When it comes to work and love, well anything that is not on track will be remapped and something better will come out of it. So yes, you will stride down that Roman Road as you ponder and re-ponder about taking on that new work contract, or solidifying a relationship. However, as long as everything is kept in its usual place, including your passport, you will be fine.

As for Librans, never in much of a hurry, you will still manage to revamp that Old Italian villa. Redecoration does not go down that well for you guys usually. It mucks up the hairdo. Nevertheless from June through to August, something “surprising” will happen. It could be you discover you actually enjoy revamping that villa as a new love of the “at first sight” type” steps through your doric pillars, making you reconsider that “Roman Holiday!”

Pisceans will tend to rev up their Lamborghinis. Piscean dreaming will come low on their list of things to do as they speed down the Milan to Florence motorway. Whether our fishy folk like it or not, those languid dreams could morph into a brilliant reality. Once Jupiter and Uranus hit the high note in June, Pisceans will start digging into the pasta and slurping down another glass of Frascati with gusto. They will almost feel as if they could hire a yacht and sail to Sardinia in a day. For sure they will realize change was far too late in coming!

As for Aquarians, well you folks will rush to the Roman hills, free at last, joyful in your newfound and glorious skin. Your protons will start shinning, making you stunningly beautiful, your neurons will spin faster, you will be one of the first on that plane to Sicily and as June and August hit, you could decide to buy .a villa in Palermo or fall in love with a Sophia Loren lookalike and not care one jot if her uncle is a famous Mafioso, so mean he could have had “Il Padrino’s guts for garters!!.

When it come to astrological star signs we could not fail to mention those “double whammies” of the universe, Gemini’s’ of course! As they sweep their way through northern Italy, hanging onto their suitcases as if their lives depended on it, they will start to realize they need more than a stint of George Clooney at his Lago di Como villa to feel good about themselves. Gemini’s will be overcome by a terrible “ennui”, and realize no matter the outer change, nothing ever changes at all.

Destiny probably picks our astrological star signs for us, so you might as well surrender to yours and celebrate your fateful 2010 by pouring yourself another glass of vino, as you dig into “La Dolce Vita!”