Love Compatibility Test

67934356lovekissHave you ever taken a Love Compatibility Test, perhaps not? You might see it is as one of those daft experiences that could have you reaching for the Creme de Menthe. Yet a Love Compatibility Test can be fun even though it means filling in a form stating your name, date of birth, likes and dislikes etc so that a computer programme can assess whether you are meant to spend the rest of your life with your paramour or not. A Love Compatibility Test will also ask what your Astrological sign is, what colours you prefer? What geographical locations you dig? How you would react to crossing a bridge over a crocodile infested river, so that your reactions can be measured for an “accurate” Love Compatibility Test. But what does that word “compatibility” mean anyway? Surely on a soul level you would know if your partner was your true love and would not need to take a Love Compatibility Test? But no matter how hot a couple you are, you would clash with him if he likes things neat and tidy and you insist on squeezing tooth paste from the middle of the tube.

In order for “compatibility” to rock you have to dig each other’s habits, get “yummy” over the same food, swing to the same music, and suck on the same straw etc. Harmony is required when it comes to uniting universes as well as people. The becausemic energy that brings all things together is referred to as “Chi”, the mystical, magical creative force flowing through all life. So even if it would be difficult for a yoga teacher to be compatible with a sergeant major, if the “Chi” flowing through them enhanced their loving actions, what might seem out-of-tune could work out well.

Compatibility is a subtle art that we understand with loving thoughts or misunderstand if we judge the “differences” between others and ourselves. As we reject cultures, sexual mores or a tradition that our different from ours, all we are experiencing is our “opinion”. We are unaware that universal energy flows above and beyond our “points of view”. Only when we refuse to acknowledge that we are the same as another does intolerance begin. If you think about it, the sea is compatible with the shore, the flower with the stalk, the tree with its branches. If we infiltrate opposing aspects, i.e. pour petroleum into the ocean, we cause the death of wild life and oceanic fauna. Stalks infected with pesticides kill the flower. Soil thick with nuclear waste decimates the tree. In order to sustain compatibility Chi needs to reverberate with energetic resonance, maintaining life, uniting relationships, balancing world affairs, sexual mores, communications and cultures. The fact is even if you and your partner have a sublime Astrological combination you could fail the Love Compatibility Test if the love was not there. So next time you take a Love Compatibility Test keep in mind that third component as you fill in your answers, the one thing we cannot do without, you could call it Chi, or simply true love!