Why Is My Love Story With A Married Man So Passionate?

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Why does the latest cult film “Twilight” grip us so when Bella falls for, dare we say it, the “rather pale” Edward? Certainly a love story with a vampire “take” is the” ultimate” in “star crossed lover” stories: But think Maria and Tony, Cathy and Heathcliff, Lancelot and Guinevere, Romeo and Juliet and the case for loving and losing gets stronger!

The indisputable fact is that astrologically conflicted lovers adore each other madly. As the Titanic sunk and Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater gazed into each other’s eyes one last time, we would have had to have been Genghis Khan not to reach for the Kleenex. Thwarted love is so darned attractive to the human soul. It drives us to the heights of ecstasy and the depths of passion. Nearly everyone has gone mad for lovers who live across the ocean, are married to another, or are “off limits” at some stage in their life. Perhaps we cannot love the object of our passion due to social mores or prejudices, or an adored “Twin Flame” simply dies on us? Perhaps we are afraid to “come out of the closet” and nurture a succession of secret loves before we do? Most lovers feel as if Destiny brought them together anyway, especially when that deep passion fills their hearts to bursting point. They know that someplace, somewhere, they must have met before, that their paths were written in the stars. Certainly Jasmine and Osama felt that soul connection. A profound love that was fated, that the heavens had somehow arranged. Matthew Price a BBC News Correspondent reported their love story from Jerusalem.


Jasmine is a Jewish Israeli and Osama a Palestinian Muslim. They attempted to live in Israel, but the authorities would not allow Osama to stay with his beloved there. Then they tried to live together in the West Bank, but the same thing happened, the people and the authorities rejected them, their relationship was not tolerated.

“We ran out of choices of finding any solution to live in either Israel or Palestine,” says Jasmine as she packs her bags.

We were naive and thought we could win this fight but we can’t. So we have to go abroad and start a new life.

One of the most tragic “star crossed” stories of all time is that of the Saudi Arabian princess Misha who refused to submit to her parent’s choice of a husband old enough to be her father. She ran off with a handsome commoner, Sharar “alla Romeo and Juliet” and they secretly married. In order to escape the wrath of her family and the authorities, sweet Misha faked death by drowning and then disguising herself as a man, by cutting her hair short and wearing Saudi male robes, she escaped with friends onto an airplane. Sharar was to follow on, but she was stopped and arrested and so was he. The terrible outcome was that her Misha was shot by her own grandfather and her young husband was beheaded. Such horror leaves us stunned, but we admire Misha for refusing to give up on true love, for knowing that she would be ready to die for it!

Princess Misha

In our “heart of hearts”, the one we lost, the one we cannot have, the one that we have to fight “tooth and nail” to be with, will always take a special place in our hearts. Why? Well perhaps because we know that they will remain eternally young for us, that our love for them will rarely be contaminated by the mediocrity of everyday life or that if we have to struggle to be with them, like Jasmine and Osama had to struggle to be together, the relationship will take on a magical “kudos” of its own. It will become an “epic” love story that gives our lives significance.

We feel so bitter sweet when we fall in love anyway, but when we fall for a married man, or woman. When we yearn for them every day and yet cannot be with them their presence in our lives seems so precious. Even if psychologists can explain why our Eros always wants what it cannot have, nothing can stop the human heart yearning for eternal fulfilment with a star crossed lover. That yearning opens us out to our own souls, helps us access the inner secrets of our mystery. Now the romantics might say “what could be more awesome than that?”