Relationship Advice

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Some say we are live in an ugly world, where angst and loneliness abound. Some say confusion and greed lead us by the nose and we are no longer “able” to relate to our fellow man. It is true we do not know where to turn to for relationship advice; often we are isolated and confused. At school we are disparaged, often made to feel less than we are. Growing up we are rarely instructed on how to be loving and giving. Misunderstandings, bullying, unkindness are the order of the day, and we build walls around us. Our connection to others challenges us even as adults and we rarely seek out relationship advice, but prefer to deal with life’s problems “our way”, to “face the music” as we have always done. So even when we are friendless or lovelorn, pride often blocks out down to earth help, or relationship advice. But would it surprise you to learn that there are spiritual communities that base their existence on helping others, not only with relationship advice, but also by supporting an innovative vision of human existence?

The Findhorn Community

The Findhorn Community is one such community and is inimitable in its approach. It was founded by Peter and Eileen Caddy, simple yet spiritual people who lived their lives as ordinary folks often do, bringing up their family and dedicating themselves to the tasks at hand. Yet Eileen was a spiritual person and liked to pray and meditate. As Eileen meditated, she began to receive information from that “small still voice within”. Unlike the majority of us, she decided to follow its urgings and soon she and Peter were managing a four star hotel in Scotland. It was to become a popular holiday resort, but when they were no longer needed to run the hotel, Eileen and Peter ended up living in a caravan with no work and three children to bring up near a seaside village called Findhorn. Not with standing their challenging situation, Eileen still followed her inner voice and began to contact the plants and flowers growing around her. She listened to the voices of the “angels” and nature spirits that lived within them and followed their counsel. Soon she and Peter were growing a magical garden and cultivating exquisite herbs and flowers and the now infamous 40-pound cabbages! Everything seemed to grow beautifully and harmoniously. The flowers were more colourful more robust and as she and Peter followed “the voices” people began to hear about this down to earth couple who were creating an awesome garden in a godforsaken village in Scotland. They were joined by others and the garden grew larger and even more beautiful until Findhorn became a small community based on the spiritual concepts of universal love and tolerance, concepts dictated to Eileen by the flower and plant angels she listened to everyday. The advice from those benevolent beings was basically that humanity needed to build up a stronger resonance with nature and that love was to be cultivated like flowers, in order for it to grow between all living things.

Nowadays, The Findhorn community is not only a place where relationship advice is given with wisdom and dedication, but all the information flowing from the plant and flower angels has created a solid functional and loving community; a community that has become world famous under Eileen’s devoted care. Eileen wrote a book called “God Spoke to me” and with the help and contribution of Sir George Trevelyan, the renowned spiritual personality, the community eventually moved from caravans into beautiful cedar wood bungalows. Findhorn now holds healing workshops and distributes its flower remedies globally. Perhaps the lesson is that if the human race truly desires spiritual happiness, not just Eileen Caddy but many more of us could unite together with others by listening to that still voice within us. We could not only give out relationship advice, but also help others to make their dreams come true. Some might believe this is to be an impossible dream, but the question we need to ask ourselves is does not our world need those “impossible” dreams to inspire and sustain the human race and create a brave, new world, where instead of hate and isolation, only love rules?