34865697ghostyardHas your bed shaken recently? Do your lights flash on and off? Have icy fingers touched your cheek? Do objects disappear and reappear? You definitely need to call a Ghostbuster. The word “Ghostbuster” hails from the film of the same name, where a group of wacky guys identify the presence of phantoms and then rush around New York with weird machines blowing them to “kingdom come”. But Ghostbusting is a serious pastime and clubs and societies dedicated to eliminating “oogly googlies” have been created all over the world.

Borley Rectory


A couple of Ghostbusters would have probably resolved the Borley Rectory haunting. Borley rectory is a beautiful house in Suffolk. An eerie presence was first detected there by Harry Price a paranormal investigator in the 1930s. However, when Reverend Lionel Foyster and his wife Marianne inhabited the house things got intense! The couple were shut up in rooms, personal items would vanish and eventually the phantoms got really nasty, throwing Marianne out of bed and slapping her furiously with dematerialized hands. But Borley Rectory is not the only haunted building in this Green and pleasant land. Belgrave Hall in Leicester mesmerized the public when in 1999 a strange White figure was seen on CCTV. Hampton Court shook everyone to their cores when on December 21 2003, another piece of CCTV footage showed a hooded lady in 16th Century costume, with no face, walking through a locked fire escape door! That photo became a media scoop and had us all reaching for the Crme De Menthe. Scream!

Okay so now that you have composed yourself, why do you think ghosts exist? What is the point of walking around a building scaring people to death and refusing to move on into the heavenly light? Interestingly, the Bible mentions ghosts in Genesis 4, 9-12 when that wicked Cain murdered his brother Abel and God heard Abel’s blood “cry up from the ground”. Abel cried to God because an injustice had been committed against him and that is the reason for most hauntings. A spirit is frequently seeking justice for crimes committed against it. Sometimes it wants to “make up” for actions left undone. Perhaps it never got to tell someone how much it loved them, as per the film Ghost when Patrick Swayze cannot leave for heaven until he makes sure Demi Moore knows how much he adores her.

Paranormal Investigators


So how do the real Ghostbusters, who prefer to be called Paranormal Investigators, really work? The American Paranormal Investigator Joe Nickell is a typical Ghostbuster type, and senior research fellow for the “Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal”. He vouches for scientific methods to verify hauntings and has investigated hundreds of haunted houses. Joe’s intention would be primarily to rid residences of the rather more evil spectrum of ghostly presences. He would use digital video cameras with infrared night vision capabilities, or a hand held camcorder, plus audio recorders, surveillance microphones, Geiger counters and thermal imaging cameras to ascertain the “type” of presence he is dealing with. But when the ghost is tracked down, how is it eliminated? This is where the Healer or Psychic comes in. An invocation to angelic presences or the Light Force that pervades all things is usually undertaken. Sometimes holy water is sprayed around the building and if the presence is demonic, a priest could be called in to disinfest the house.

Ghosts are rarely demons, but usually uneasy beings lost in the meanderings of their past existence, still attached to the material world and yearning to continue their lives on planet earth as they seek justice or make up for past misdemeanours. Theirs is a suffering condition that a caring Medium will feel compassion for and try to help with prayer and healing energies. So next time those icy fingers tweak your cheek, say a prayer for the attention-seeking spook and gently send them on their way!