Free Future Reading

79201100futurecallA psychic who offers her services for free future readings is more than dedicated to her craft. Her intention will be to help others achieve happiness and success; in fact that is why she would have committed her gifts to the world in the first place. But why would the offer of a free future reading on line, or in a magazine, have so much spiritual significance to a psychic and her client? Well free future readings will not be carried out lightly; the psychics involved will only be too pleased to give of their devoted service. More often than not a channel, psychic or medium will sustain her readings with a prayer and meditation routine, which assures they are tuned in and of service to those who seek them out. A psychic’s prayer programme will usually start in the morning. They will shower and before breakfast sit quietly to contemplate, meditate and hone in psychic energy for the day ahead. They will sometimes contact a spirit guide or carry out a basic ritual to keep grounded and focused. They could also practice yoga, or sometimes follow a diet to purify the energy field, so that they can become more of a channel for “the powers that be!”

Prayer and Meditation

The concept of prayer and meditation will not seem that incongruous to a client looking for a free future reading. Most of us are aware that a psychic requires energetic sustenance to back up talent. In fact prayer, when purposely directed, gears up weak energy fields and sustains spiritual purpose; since a psychic is prepared to dedicate most of the hours in their day to others, prayer and meditation will help increase resolve as well as compassion and universal love energies. A psychic will carry out free future readings with divine commitment when a prayer and meditation programme is involved. Any psychic could tell you that going within to press that “peace button”, decreases the “mind’s musings” and helps higher energies channel through. In this manner a psychic can connect to multi dimensional realities and help you expand you sense of infinite knowing. Meditation, in fact, will lay the ground work for free future readings, and prayers will create a balanced energy field encouraging immediate contact with the client.


In the minutes before a reading, a psychic will devote attention to your question and the issues at hand. She knows that focus engages attention, and helps her see your personality traits, soul path and love destiny clearly. Part of the magic of free future readings is that sense of “the unexpected”. The psychic is not playing to your tune alone, for sometimes she can slightly deviate from the question so that the “unexpected” “magical” answer from your Higher Self can emerge. When such an event occurs often it will open a new door, or you will feel your life purpose has been delineated at last.

Free future readings are also a gift to the psychic herself. They help her tithe her energy, increasing her metaphysical bank account. An energy investment to service and focussed intent through prayer and meditation sustain a psychic’s mission on earth, as well as helping those who are confused or unaware of their life path. In fact, to a certain degree, a free future reading could be classified as a psychic’s “raison’d’etre”. Prayer and meditation will keep her focused on her highest intentions throughout and she will guide you down a sometimes mysterious but often miraculous path as a result of her spiritual dedication.