88579458secretThe Psychic Gift

Some say we become psychic when we are no longer afraid of the random nature of the universe, when we discover a faith in the infinite that we never thought we had. Perhaps our super sensitive psychic gift was born within a traumatic experience. Rhona Byrne, the director and creator of the Film The Secret was not exactly psychic, but she was going through a challenging time that would change her forever. Everything she knew and loved had collapsed around her ears. But somehow she had been given a glimpse of what she called a “Great Secret”. She began tracing that “Secret” back through history. And what she learnt was that “thought” creates our reality. Rhona’s secret is yours too. It is the one you feel growing within your heart, the one that makes you aware you are becoming psychic, the one that helps you manifest whatever gifts you have to their full capacity if you believe in them enough.

The Secret

The Secret has now become a worldwide best seller and film on how to use the” Law of Attraction” to transform our lives. Rhona claims everything in life is energy, and thought and feeling control that energy flow. So you see when you realize you have a gift to give to the world such as being psychic, or even a brain surgeon, you could ask yourself the following questions. (1) Do I understand that everything that happens to me in the good and bad is about the energy I put out to the world? (2) Can I understand that energy is never destroyed and flows wherever I direct my attention? If you manage to comprehend the answers to these questions you will grow to understand the mysteries of being psychic, and you could become even more intuitive. Because being psychic means using your inner self or the “psi” to “see” “hear” and “perceive” a multidimensional framework of reality rather than main stream perceptions The Secret will teach you how to do that, pit will teach you to believe in what you want and start to create your reality.

The Secret states miracles only take place through our beliefs. Bob Proctor the metaphysical healer and philosopher says we all work with the aforementioned infinite power called the Law of Attraction. We are guided by it, so much so we can send men to the moon with just our intention. It does not matter where we come from; we are all working with various degrees of manifesting reality through that one power.

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols, one of the teachers of The Secret, said her life was “spiralling out of control”. She had come to “The Ultimate Crisis Point “. She realized everything she touched was going wrong. So she asked herself what energy she wanted to give off, and what energy she wanted to draw to her life. Rather than living in her past, growing up on the tough streets of Los Angeles, she concentrated her energies on the present and made that reality positive. She swore to herself she would change, and she kept her word because she has now motivated more than 60,000 teens to make better choices for their lives. She tells youth to take responsibility for all things that impact on who they live with their friends, their family, people in their social milieu. She says a person needs to see beyond appearances. A psychic can do just that and sense what people are thinking or feeling too. So if you choose to embellish on your psychic gifts you will also realize that this process is quite natural, especially if you are aiming to evolve your consciousness.

Developing Your Psychic Gifts

As you evolve your psychic gifts you will agree with The Secret’s claims that every thought has a frequency. As a psychic you will pick up those frequencies. You will know when someone is sad or happy, whether they are waiting for a phone call, or whether they are searching for their lost cat. You will have refined your energy due to your own belief in the metaphysical and the manifestation of your gifts through the Law of Attraction. You will have realised a wonderful opportunity to create the inner heaven you see in your mind’s eye on earth. Sounds farfetched? Look at Mother Theresa, Madonna, Nelson Mandela, their belief systems changed the world, yours can too!