Live Tarot Readings


Live tarot readings are fun, no two ways about it! If you are a tarot addict who laps up live tarot readings like a cat laps up cream, you will be aware that the tarot originates in ancient Egypt, that some of the symbolism is connected to Celtic beliefs and that the tarot journey is similar to that of the Holy Grail in the sense that as we travel through life, we try to understand who we really are and what the power of our hearts can do. A tarot reading can help us, especially live tarot readings as they are proactive and communicative. But to some of us, anything occult, including the tarot, needs to be pushed away into a corner, cannot fit in with mainstream perceptions, and is considered wacky, off the wall and weird.

Liz Green

Live tarot readings will take the tarot and spin them right around for you, helping you to let go of your scepticism and enjoy the experience. The psychic will tune into you via the phone, email, or text in the minute and as she does she will describe the “feelings” and “sensations” that emerge through the cards. She might not tell you exactly what card is appearing for you, but for certain some Arcana cards will come up. Liz Green, astrologer and author of the Mythic Tarot describes the major Arcana as “archetypal”. Meaning that “no matter what the specific details of an individual life long or short, banal or dramatic, good or evil, certain stages of psychological development await us all. We all have a part of us, which is childlike and ready to begin again. We all have experienced failures and triumphs, great or small, and we all grow albeit sometimes unwillingly. Thus the archetypal journey of life, which is really an inner journey and occurs on many different levels, can be found is so many creative outpourings”

We could say that live tarot readings are part of those creative outpourings in that they allow us to connect to the depths of our souls, and yet understand where we are going when it comes to everyday circumstances. “”Will he call?” “Will this relationship work out?” “Will I find a way of making peace with my mum?” Whatever the problem is the live tarot readings psychic will dig deep into her cards, listen to her guides, access spiritual advice and tell you what she sees. As you listen to live tarot readings, or see them expressed through email or text, you will notice that they are pretty accurate, and that they often divulge the secrets we do not want anyone to know.

How Can a Live Tarot Reading Help?

The purpose of live tarot readings is to help you make the right decisions, help you understand yourself, help you open out to the wonders available to you, help you use those wonders to improve your life and get in touch with what you want to manifest. Live tarot readings are often read by folks who have compassion for the human condition, who realize that many of us feel unworthy and not up to scratch. But they see us all as one with Spirit and their live tarot readings reflect that love and wisdom. They might help you see that the worst thing that happened is in reality the best, because behind every divorce, loss, money problem, love disappointment there is a lesson to learn and an opportunity to start again, to forgive and let go.

Live tarot readings will tell us “how it is” in the good and the bad, but will also show us ways of handling our challenges and overcoming our doubts and fears. They are indeed fun, and a great gift to ourselves!