Psychic Shine

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What is it that makes the talents of a psychic shine through? What lends that psychic shine to an apparently ordinary man or woman? How does an ordinary individual access that super psychic shine in the first place and how can it possibly help us understand our karma, our love lives, and how the future pans out for us? Is that psychic shine a gift, something we all can obtain if we want, or simply an illusion we yearn to believe in to give our lives more meaning?

The questions are many, and the most important one ever asked is does psychic experience come directly from God, or is it more to do with brain neurons firing off unusual signals?

Mario Beauregard

Scientific research was done on the Carmelite nuns and as a result a neuroscientist called Mario Beauregard demonstrated that life changing spiritual happenings are non-material in origin and he went on to present science with a challenging fact, which is that it actually could be a God Force that creates psychic, paranormal and spiritual experiences. In other words it is not “all in the mind!”

He said in his book The Spiritual Brain, “The fact is materialism is stalled. It neither has any useful hypotheses for the human mind or spiritual experiences, nor does it come close to developing any. Just beyond lies a great realm that cannot even be entered via materialism, let alone explored.”

Beauregard united with the journalist O’Leary and together they discovered that it might be possible that we all have a “God Gene”. In fact one neuroscientist actually invented a God Helmet that stimulated metaphysical experiences with electromagnetic stimuli. However, this still did not account for the “God experience” in of itself, and some declare that the brain is actually an antenna for divine forces, not a source of them.

The problem is that science still has far to go. Many scientists are hard-wired to deny the spiritual and only measure reality by materialistic cause and effect. Yet they would be hard pressed to deny accounts of intuition, mind over matter, blind faith and the placebo effect, even near death experiences on the operating table!

Discovery Institute

In a Discovery Institute article on the Spiritual Brain, it is stated “Beauregard and O’Leary urge us to consider the mind as something distinct from the brain, giving evidence that the mind acts on the brain as a nonmaterial cause. Reviewing studies of near death experiences, they come to the intriguing conclusion that mind and consciousness appear to continue at a time when the brain is non-functional and clinical criteria of death have been reached. In fact they state “there is no escaping the non-materialism of the human mind!”

So next time you stare at someone and note that “psychic shine” to them realize that it might just not be an illusion, but a fact, and that Spirit really speaks through them!