Ask A Psychic Question

19053681crystalballWhen we ask a psychic question, it might not be about our personal lives. There is so much mystery in the world, so many inexplicable occurrences that it is natural we sometimes ask a psychic question about odd stuff, for example, “Does the Abominable Snowman really exist?”

When we get down to basics, all we really want is to ask a psychic question of someone who does not smirk, giggle or think we are acting like a ten year old when we make enquiries of this type. The fact is an empath is here to help us, so much so that if we ask a psychic question about some bizarre metaphysical incident, she will do her best to help us understand it.


When it comes to the Yeti, or the so-called Abominable Snowman, the first thing the psychic will do is explain that the Yeti hangs out in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Next, she might tell us that the Nepalese and Tibetans believe that it exists. The Yeti could be considered a 19th century “Freak Show Star”, but the higher scientific echelons believe “he” is a myth, even though reports of Bigfoot sightings in North America seem to tie in with many of the Yeti’s characteristics.

One of the most famous accounts of the “Abominable Snowman” a nickname that popped into use in 1921, was recorded by Charles Howard Bury who says that on crossing the Lhakpa-la at 21,000 ft he found footprints that looked like those of a huge wolf. His Sherpa told him that the tracks were those of the “Wild Man of the Snows”

In 1951 Mr. Eric Shipton took some photographs on Everest at 20,000 ft. They were of some very large prints in the snow, but the photographs were mistrusted since Shipton was an infamous practical joker. But in 1953, when the esteemed Sir Edmund Hillary also reported noticing large footprints in the Himalayas, things were taken far more seriously. His mountain guide Tenzing, wrote in his book some years later that the footprints belonged to a large ape that his father had seen twice.

One of the more intriguing witnesses was D Whillans a mountaineer who claimed to have spotted a very odd looking beast whilst climbing Mount Annapurna in 1970. He heard some weird shrieks and his Sherpa said the sounds were “Yeti calls”. He also reported seeing a shadowy shape moving close to his camp that night and like many others, observed huge footprints in the snow that following morning. In 1984, the mountaineer David P. Sheppard was trailed by a huge furry creature for days. Later studies of his assertions proved inconclusive.


The latest tracking was in 2007, by an American television team and its presenter Joshua Gates. During the filming of the programme “Destination Truth” the team found footprints in Nepal that could have fitted previous descriptions of the Yeti’s. They measured 13 cm in length. They were examined by the Idaho University, but were claimed to be fakes. After a final visit to Nepal, the Gates Team found a hair sample that was subsequently analyzed and discovered to be that of an unknown primate.

So much mystery hangs over the Yeti Story, that Hollywood has made a series of films entitled “The Abominable Snowman”, “Monsters Inc” and “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” about the creature.

But in the final analysis, to ask a psychic question about the Yeti might be the best choice, as our empaths can literally tune into the truth of its existence. So next time you go on a mountaineering holiday in the Himalayas don’t worry. The psychic said the Yeti exists, but he won’t come after you!