Free Clairvoyance Reading

19044777ghostescalatorWhen the tick tock of time is getting to us. When we have cottoned on that the problems we face on a daily basis are insurmountable. When we cannot bear the sight of one more bill, one more publicity shot, one more offer of cut-price computers, walk in showers, and chairlifts. When we realize that materiality is grinding us so far into the ground we need to rest and recuperate for a year. When finances and life issues are gremlins creeping out of the woodwork and rocking our boat for real, when we want to keep our mind off the mortgage, and our hands on the wheel of life. When we consider taking a slow boat to China, a train to Kathmandu, and have had enough of society’s restrictions, when finally we cannot find answers within. We turn to those without, sometimes a friend, sometimes a priest, sometimes a Free Clairvoyance Reading

Online Readings

The online mechanised Free Clairvoyance Reading is an interesting experiment when it comes to the force of “chance”, because when the crisis hits the answer comes, sometimes showing up as a trump tarot card like The Lovers, which means what is emotionally challenging now, could be more entertaining soon. We suddenly realize the “force of destiny” is a bandwagon we want to jump on and a Free Clairvoyance Reading will sustain us momentarily if we do so. Of course it would be far nicer to talk to a real psychic, we know that healers and mediums could relieve our angst, but we will save them for that rainy day, when we can see the wood and the trees, perhaps reassess life with a sweet and sensitive individual rather than the ghostly mechanizations of an online Free Clairvoyance Reading.

During our lifetime there will be many moments when we seek a Free Clairvoyance reading to assess our future possibilities. Times when we want to know why we feel so blue, why the job is not working, why the boss is picking on us, why the husband has walked out, why the cat is pregnant. Times when we cannot stand up to that sea of troubles following us around like a shadow, times when only the metaphysical helps us stand our ground and face our overdraft. Some of us might resort to other alternatives when it comes to reading the future. We buy tarot cards, we read The Secret, or study I Ching for inspirational advice. We could attend a healing course, seeking the support of like-minded individuals who understand why we want to step out of the “system” and create a new reality based on optimism, inspiration and mystical mores. In the meantime, we are ready to play with a Free Clairvoyance reading, putting a true reading on hold until we can get our lives together. As the challenges assail us, we are finally ready to let go. We cut up the credit cards, tear up the bank statements, rent the property and get on that train to Kathmandu. We are free, we are ourselves, and we understand there is more to life than stress. We are ready to talk to a real psychic, finally we can ask that one question that a Free Clairvoyance Reading could never answer, is life eternal?