Online Fortune Telling

85654374energyWhat attitude do we need to get the most out of our online fortune telling? Many of us believe it is just a question of dialling the number of an online fortune telling company and asking to speak to our chosen Psychic via phone, text or chat, but we might need to ask ourselves if there is more to the process, something that can enhance our online fortune telling reading. As you will be aware, a reading usually starts with an employee asking for your Name, Date of Birth, and credit card details. Then you will be forwarded on to the reader, who will ask you for your name again, and then suggest you breathe deeply as she tunes in. What she is doing at that point is connecting to your auric field to suss out your energy.


If you start testing out her Psychic abilities at that stage, it would make it difficult for her to access your Aura, the electromagnetic force field emanating from and around you. The Aura is the energy pulsation the Psychic needs to gain information on your past present and future, and if you do not want her to see it, she will be unable to. If you are open to her, the Psychic will pick up vibrations, visions, colours, sensations and sometimes even sounds from your Aura. She could also use the tarot to delve into your destiny, but the success of a reading does include how open you are. You do not have to give her any precise information, just ask your question and become available to receiving all the input you need to resolve your problem. Remember when you connect to a reader during an online fortune telling session, you are inviting in a third force in, the force of Spirit and the reading will be greatly influenced by that factor. If you are open to Spirit the Psychic will probably be given floods of information that will just flow through her to you.

You see, when we talk to a Psychic, it is as if we access a universal computer where all our personal details are logged in. The Psychic can tune into that library if we let her, if we give her permission as it were. So there needs to be an unspoken contract between a reader and her client to understand an individual soul path, and the events likely to happen along it. In other words empathy, and openhearted interaction between Psychic and client ensures a good reading.

Often clients say a Psychic is vague and imprecise. But the Psychic reads your destiny via spiritual information that comes through Archetypal symbols or words that sometimes seem to have no relevance to your current situation. “Oh yes that is what that Psychic meant” you will say months later when that exact same phrase the Psychic used in her reading surfaces in your life. The Psychic’s tendency is to translate the unseen world as it manifests into the continuum of your life, and this might not always fit in with your own perceptions.

Psychic Time Lines

Psychics can make mistakes about time lines. Janice went to a Psychic and was told she would meet her soul mate in a Piazza with a statue in the middle of it. The years passed and no such event happened. Janice got married twice, had two children and came to the conclusion that the Psychic was a charlatan. When she was 59 years old and a single grandmother after a difficult divorce, she went on holiday to southern Italy. As she was sitting in a Piazza, with a statue in the middle of it, a good looking sixty two year old man sat down at the table next to her. It was as if she had always known him. The feelings were immediate and awesome; the two of them fell madly in love. Their senior love affair was quite a shock to both ex’s and their children, but the two of them are still deeply and very happily, in love.

A good Psychic will describe your life situation, suss out your hopes and fears, analyse your Karmic tests and recognise your soul path. But the best Psychic reading you can receive when you contact an online fortune telling company will be due to the trust you build with your Psychic. She will then become your confidante, your helper, your guide. As your relationship develops, her readings will become more accurate, simply because she is tuning into your Aura without any obstacles between you. It can be an amazing experience connecting to a Psychic through an online fortune telling company, an experience an openhearted person will greatly benefit from. We sense you are one of those openhearted folk that is why you are reading this article!