Daily Tarot

36931829magic1Have you ever thought that the revelations a psychic accesses are just part of being an empath? Have you ever thought that really being psychic is about tuning into the love of Spirit and being able to draw a line between imagination and true prophecy?

As you do your daily tarot, do you think that you are psychic? Do you believe in your magical powers? When you lay out the daily tarot spread, do visions come to you, as if the cards are vibrating doorways to the light and through them the universe speaks to you? When you place those daily tarot cards in that Celtic Cross, is it because deep down you yearn to speak to the “the invisible”, even to “universal” love? Do you want to reach out to the inherent wisdom, you just know you have?

If you can answer “yes” to but one of these questions, you are probably more than a searcher, you are aware that you are a spiritual being with psychic gifts. To test out your psychic powers ask yourself what happens to your consciousness when you think of roses? Do you see the colour pink? Do you smell their perfume emanating all around you? Do you sense the early summer sun on your skin as you gaze at them, or do you just want to put them in a vase?

You are a Clooney fan, when you think “George”, do you see him taking you in his arms? Can you feel his brown eyes boring holes into your soul? Does your “inner ear” enjoy the sound of his voice, or do you pin his photo over the fridge?

Try it for Yourself!

Try this, think apple and then telephone a friend and transmit that image to her as you talk. If she tells you she is eating an apple or has just bought some fabulous “golden delicious” down the supermarket, don’t be surprised!

Try this. Walk around your home and sense where there are changes in temperature. If the atmosphere goes from warm to cold or you feel a clump of freezing energy in the corridor, you might just define the presence of a spirit.

Try this, sit very still and listen to the sounds around you. You might hear the hum of the fridge, the tick tock of the clock, or the buzz of traffic outside. Or you might just hear a choir of angels and the soft voice of a spirit guide instructing you on the “whys and wherefores” of existence and then channel that information to others.

Try this – Ask a friend to give you something, perhaps a piece of jewellery. Hold it in your hand and allow the pictures to come as you think of the future. Whatever you feel, see or sense, just allow it to flow through you, do not block it out with thoughts or suppositions, sink down into your heart chakra and let it speak for you.

Psychic Gift

We all have psychic gifts. Think “cave men” and all those wild beasts ready to gobble them up! Then think “sensitivity” and realize the cave man was not just pure instinct, but an antenna, aware that the forces of nature spoke to him and warned him of coming dangers or joys. Perhaps he could feel the presence of God too, perhaps he could see the nature spirits in the forests, and mountains and perhaps they guided him on his way, and helped him survive?

Remember a psychic individual guards their energy. They never boast about them. They never manipulate others, or tell them what they must or must not do. They never use others to get what they want. They know and trust that Spirit will give them everything they need. They focus on the good experiences and put the bad ones behind them. They vision the very best for this planet. They respect and help the suffering. They are aware and sensitive to people’s needs, and act as a channel for the “light”.

So next time you lay out that daily tarot spread, realize that you can use those psychic powers of yours, not only to tune into the cards, but to universal love. And what a delight that will be!