Clairvoyant Psychic Readings


Could a clairvoyant psychic reading have stopped Natalie Cole’s car slipping on a rainy road and crashing into a ditch in Hollywood during a challenging time of her life, when she was fighting drug addiction? Could a clairvoyant psychic reading have foretold Natalie would be flung from the car to find herself standing on her feet unharmed? Additionally, could a clairvoyant psychic reading have told Natalie that a car with three ladies on their way to bible class would stop at the scene of the accident just to tell her that they had been praying for her recently? And could Natalie’s miraculous escape from a fire in Detroit have also been predicted by a clairvoyant psychic reading?

Would heavyweight Boxing Champion, Evander Holyfield have been advantaged in the ring when he beat Mike Tyson, if he had known beforehand that his serious congenital heart problem would be healed during a prayer meeting? Would a clairvoyant psychic reading have stopped that terrible “crash” in Paris, or held Princess Diana back from going on holiday with Dodi? Can a clairvoyant psychic reading stop the becausemic forces at work at all? Those forces were at work when planes over New York crashed into the twin towers on 9 September 2001 and the world transformed forever? They were at work during the Second World War, when England fought so courageously and saved Europe from Nazi rule? They were at work when Jackie Kennedy saw her husband assassinated on that fated day in Dallas. If she had known what would have happened, would her twin flame relationship with Onasis have ever taken place?

Our Expectations

The fact is there is a force that pervades all life; it carries us forwards beyond our “expectations”, “perceptions” and “opinions”. No matter how much we alter, transform or understand our lives through a clairvoyant psychic reading, there is an element that pertains to the “powers that be”, or if you like, “the love of God”. That element is sacred destiny and it will shape our destinies and hearts! Some say that Destiny is locked into our subconscious mind; it is the unseen element, sometimes so powerful even a brilliant psychic cannot alter it. A clairvoyant psychic reading in short, cannot interfere with the Fates. Not even a saint can stop Spirit morphing into the “becausemic editor!” This is not to spook you out but help you realize there is a natural elimination process going on during a reading, whereby Spirit perceives a powerful event before its time and decides whether you should know about it! Normally a clairvoyant psychic reading is accurate and supportive. But that hidden “metaphysical law” still, haphazardly censors certain areas during a reading. Of course this applies to the positive events too. Huge joys and fortunes overwhelm us, but if we were to see our greatness before its time would we make the necessary effort and learn to take the right decisions to build on our success?

A Clairvoyant psychic reading is our guide to understanding our life path, and when Spirit sees fit, it will work through the psychic and tell us what is going to happen according to the Law of Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect. We cannot control these forces, and we cannot control much of the world either. If however we surrender to the flow and allow destiny to intervene naturally, we might be unexpectedly surprised and realise almost anything can happen!