Free Online Tarot Card Reading

71366450onlinetarotA free online tarot card reading is normally carried out by someone with psychic abilities, an individual with the capacity to analyze the energy field of another human being in other words. The fact that a free online tarot reading can also be mechanized is a case in point, but more often than not, a free online tarot card reading is carried out by an empath who wants to offer a few extra minutes of their time to help someone out, someone who perhaps cannot afford to have a reading. But have you ever asked yourself whether you could take some tarot cards out of their pack, throw them in the air and then read into the future? Are you psychic, and could you develop your gifts to such a level, that you too could become a professional empath?

To answer that question let us lay out a few pointers that could indicate you have “the gift”.

1. You know who it is at the end of the line before you pick up the phone, or just before it rings. You have been thinking about them all day.

2. You hear a melody spinning around in your head, you turn on the radio there it is, gently playing.

3. You suddenly know a friend of yours is in a pickle, and you cannot rest until you have called them. When you call on their mobile, they tell you they have fallen off a ladder and are being wheeled off to an ambulance parked outside right now!

4. You realize that even though your colleague is smiling at you, she hates your guts.

5. You lost your cat for a week; until you heard a voice in your head saying you needed to go to the shed in your neighbour’s back garden. You ask politely and trot out to the shed, only to hear the starving and frantic Tiddles scratching at the door.

6. You saw a huge UFO over a corn field and it changed your life.

So why do these things happen to you? Do these same events occur to the empath dishing out that free tarot card reading? Does she really “know” that the Queen of Hearts means your best friend is coming to stay, or the Prince of Hearts upside down means that your boyfriend is going to have his appendix out. What makes some people more able to tap into that super consciousness or the wonders of the Divine, and others just stare blankly at a work colleague about to have a temper tantrum that you saw coming hours ago.

The first thing you need to do before you join the ranks of the “seventh daughter/seventh son” contingent, and start dishing out that free tarot reading on line is realize you actually are empathic. If you nag yourself with the “seeing is believing” formula you could find yourself blocking your gifts. Would you stop yourself from learning to play the piano if you had an ear for music, or avoid painting a picture if you had an artistic ability? No of course not, so don’t block out your psychic gifts especially if can see grandma standing by the fridge, when she has actually passed on. You need to learn how to access your super conscious mind, not repress it, no matter what the sceptics say.

Our advice is join a psychic circle, start practicing tarot card readings on your friend. Don’t be afraid to get a free tarot card reading yourself and ask the psychic as many questions as you like in the time frame. Read up about famous mediums and psychics and see how your life story is similar to theirs. Often true healers and empaths, the ones who are open to doing a free tarot reading on line, have been through the mill, have suffered loss and know what it is to be alone and afraid. They do not scream at a person with a problem, all they want to do is help. Your willingness to “step up to the plate” and “out to the brink” will be a natural part of your gift anyway. You will not stand by as another suffers, you will “feel” that suffering as your own, and empathize with it, yearning to send it love and healing. Sometimes you could even feel another’s pain in your own body and process it for them. That is what the great healers. psychics and empaths do. So yes, you might be equal in talent to that loving psychic doing her free tarot reading on line to help someone in need, but believe us, you will know if you are, you are psychic after all?